Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Cravats - DCL

As my good old friend The Thing On The Doorstep posted the Babymen 12", I decided to post some more music from The Cravats family.
First comes the 'The Land Of The Giants' 12", a really hard to find record on Reflex Records. Musicwise it goes more in the direction of The Very Things. 'The Shroud Of New York Chapter 2' sounds like you're listening to some musical song with Frank Sinatra! These tracks have just recently been rereleased on a 'best of' double CD on Overground. I already ripped this 12" before I realized this. So I encourage you to buy the double CD. It has some unreleased live tracks on it.
The second record is from DCL Locomotive, another alias for Shend and co. Here you get a great version of 'King Midas In Reverse' from The Hollies.
I also included two extra tracks from DCL. The first one was released as bonus flexi that came with the 'The Colossal Tunes Out' LP of The Cravats. The second one came as bonus flexi with the 'The Bushes Scream While My Daddy Prunes' LP of The Very Things. Not really songs but some serious spoken word tape collage.
Visit The Cravats website here.

The Cravats - The Land Of The Giants 12" (Reflex Records-RE 10-1986)
1. The Land Of The Giants
2. The Shroud Of New York Chapter 2
3. Execute His Will
4. The Shroud Of New York Chapter 1

DCL Locomotive - King Midas In Reverse 12" (Reflex Records-RE 4-1984)
1. King Midas In Reverse
2. The Kings Broadcast
3. The Last Black Tile
4. Kmir Test Five

Extra Tracks

1. Dadacravats Laboratory Series No. 1
2. Dadacravats Laboratory Series No. 2



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link.
seem to have missed the dcl flexis along the way,but now i have some good
vinyl rips of dcl/cravats.
listening to fade to black.
very nice indeed.


Anonymous said...

Oh Lord, I've been looking for King Midas 20 years or so. Thank you very much.

Curious Guy said...

Shared with pleasure, anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Cravats are just great!

Some Very Things here:



Anonymous said...

Hello there,
Purveyors of fine musical exploits!!!PLEASE>>>PLEASE>>>PLEASE....POST "THE BUSHES SCREAM"as I"ve only ever had the fortune 2 ever hear my old mates copy & he (unfortunately)became a JUNKY!!!!!!!

Mindfuck said...

Thanx for the music.
You're running a very nice blog here.
Visit mine if you wish:

Valentine Michael Smith said...

This is best. thankyouthankyou.

Grk! said...

Thanks for these twelvers & flecksers. 'The Bushes Scream...' is on my turntable REET NOW.

Anonymous said...

je cherche les very things,merci (zoé division)

Curious Guy said...

The Very Things coming soon! I only have the early stuff.

W. said...

Any chance you could repost the DCL Locomotive "King Midas" again. Many thanks.

Curious Guy said...

Hi W., I'm planning on re-ripping them at higher quality very soon. Will let you know when I'll update the post.

Curious Guy said...

New rips & link for The Cravats-DCL Locomotive.

W. said...

You are fantastic! I shall enjoy listening to these.

I appreciate all your good work.

Anonymous said...

any chance you can zippyshare this one?

Curious Guy said...

New link for The Cravats & DCL. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

thanks on zippy!