Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Midnight Choir - Gideon Turtle And The Midnight Choir 12"

Second release of The Midnight Choir after the 'Kiss' 12". This one sounds quite different than the 1st 12". Less postpunk, more rock. So they went for another direction. Never heard the later releases on Probe Plus and Native Records.
The songs were recorded live in the studio without overdubs hence the sound.
Produced by Simon Hinkler of Artery and released on Artery's A Golden Dawn label.

Vocals - Dave Loukes
Guitar - Mark Jackson
Bass - Simon Gillman
Drums - Magnus Doyle

Gideon Turtle And The Midnight Choir E.P. (A Golden Dawn-G.D. 1202-1984)
1. Wizard
2. I Can Reach You
3. I Thought The Path Of My Heart Was Far Away When I Was Sad
4. Today I'm A Snake
5. Go

Gideon Turtle (new link)


Anonymous said...

hi there. would it be possible for you to renew the links to this record ? thanks very much.

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!