Saturday, March 07, 2009

Plastic Surgery - Anything's Possible As Long As The Price Is Right 7"

Another band I learned to know through Sorrow-Vomit.
Plastic Surgery were from Dundee, Scotland. This 7" is their only release I guess. The A-side is a great goth punk track while the B-side sounds more generic punk to me. Also it drags on too long IMO.
No further info to be found.

Anything's Possible As Long As The Price Is Right 7" (Watch Out! Records-PSG 1-1986)
1. Torment
2. Surgery Looks Nice... At A Price

Plastic Surgery


Longy said...

I like this one too. I prefer the A side which might surprise you!

Anonymous said...

What's (or who's) Sorrow-vomit you mention?

Curious Guy said...

Sorrow-vomit is a guy who knows alot on very obscure postpunk/wave stuff. He's on the Deathrock forum. So I learn about nice records worth tracking down.

Anonymous said...

great stuff,i was the bass player in this band and don't even have a copy of this so cheers!!!...great memories
thanks again,steve stevie cundee!
check this out

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for leaving a comment here Stevie. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Trotsky is an old m8 of mine,i am sure he has a copy of this,but if not ill pass it on to him


Jock Rockwell

Anonymous said...

I`m searching so long for this. But your mediafirelink says, that the material can not be found on any server. Is it possible to renew the upload? That would be really awesome.

Curious Guy said...

Happens sometimes anon. You just need to wait a bit. If the problem continues I'll re-up, no problem.

Vadim said...

Fix, please, link

Curious Guy said...

New link for Plastic Surgery. Enjoy!