Saturday, May 30, 2009

Skinner Box - s/t LP

Skinner Box was the project of Julianna Towns (ex-Peace Corpse). On her first album she had lots of help of Mark Erskine, member of Savage Republic. Skinner Box was one of the first bands to produce what was later often referred to as "heavenly voices". But it will appeal also to those who like later Savage Republic or 17 Pygmies. Julianna Towns has also worked with Black Tape For A Blue Girl.

2 albums followed, 'The Playhouse' and 'The Imaginary Heart Of', both also released as 1 CD.

All albums originally released on Bobok, Ltd (seems to be a Toxic Shock sublabel) but my copy is a pressing on Fundamental. Other releases on Bobok include albums of Billy Atwell, Insulin Reaction and Jack Endino.

The Insulin Reaction LP (plus first 7") can be found on Goutroy's blog.

Skinner Box LP (Fundamental Music-SAVE 64-1988)
1. Drowning Street
2. Field Of Holes
3. Slide Of Glass
4. Grenadine
5. A Low Bird
6. The Turnaround
7. Proud Flesh
8. Filed Under R
9. Born To Be Ice
10. At The Portal

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icastico said...

This is one I've been looking for to no avail...much appreciated.

Fritz die Spinne said...

"Field of Holes" was on a mix tape I was given back in 1993. I never managed to track this down, although I did get the CD.

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of bands in the Savage Republic/17 Pygmies orbit, do you have anything by Autumnfair or Dark Arts? I liked their tracks from the October Country compilation, but I don't know anything else about them.
Anyway, thanks for yet another rarity.

Fritz die Spinne said...

Daniel, watch my blog shortly. I have something by Autumnfair.

Curious Guy said...

Daniel, I have the Dark Arts 'A Long Way From Brigadoon' but it is also posted here:
Never heard their 'Carnival Of Lost Souls' album.

Fritz die Spinne said...
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Fritz die Spinne said...

CG, Thanks for pointing to that Dark Arts. I never heard back from several requests over the years to buy music from the band.

Oh--I also uploaded the 10" by Autumnfair.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Dark Arts link.
And thanks to Fritz for the Autumnfair EP-- I'd leave a polite thank-you note on your blog, but Firefox has trouble with the captcha code so I'll thank you here.

goutroy said...

Nice. I've seen this around and was always wondering what it sounded like.
I may upload that Carnival of Lost Souls LP by Dark Arts, if I can find my copy...

Anonymous said...

I sure hope you find that copy, Goutroy...

Rainy Day Sponge said...

My copy must be the version mentioned on Discogs, which has Bobok labels (# bobok-I) and Fundamental jacket (with small stickers that cover the Fundamental logo with Bobok's address).
Julianna Towns is Bill Sassenberger's (founder of Toxic Shock- and later Westworld -recs) wife, and she was also member of Insulin Reaction.
Skinner Box's 3rd album, The Imaginary Heart of... was posted recently in
and it's the complete version (the CD release you mentioned omits two tracks from it).

P.S. I saw that Goutroy didn't find his copy of "Carnival of Lost Souls" yet ;-) , so check your mail CG.

Curious Guy said...

Hello RDS, Thanks for the extra info.
already checked my mailbox but nothing until now :(

Rainy Day Sponge said...
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Curious Guy said...

Thanks for this one RDS. Unfortunately your copy has lots of glitches.
Mail me at:

CkoviNS said...

Seems that something go off with this files...I can't download this file..."Processing download request..." never ending...please some solution? Somebody, re-up...or

Greatings from Serbia

Curious Guy said...

Try to refresh the mediafire page. I have no trouble with the link so it should work fine. Hope it helps.

Anonymous said...

Anyway you can upload their Playhouse album? Thanks!

Fritz die Spinne said...

If I can dig out my CDs I have Playhouse.....