Friday, June 10, 2011

Gasrattle - Artshit MLP

Some weird skronk stuff of Gasrattle. Don't know anything about them. Screeching sax, loose song structures and a singer that sometimes sounds like Nick Cave in his The Birthday Party days.
Another song 'Beach Party' appears on the 'Imminent 2' comp. as well as on the 'Music From The Deadzone: Europe' comp. on Dead Man's Curve.
Pretty wild stuff. This 12" can be found very easily and quite cheap. Released on Fever Records, known for records by Kill Ugly Pop! and some early My Bloody Valentine.

Artshit MLP (Fever Records-FEV 4-1985)
1. Happiness Is A Strong Stuff
2. Short Fat Baldman's Favorite Song
3. Pale Washroom
4. Blackshirt
5. Holy Cow
6. Kissing Fit



Anonymous said...

Good to have you back! Guess the machines were upset at you for some reason. That's what happens when we keep making them smarter. BTW the stranger the better as far posts go.


Anonymous said...

O...nice. I like it when weird punk/jazz outfits surface.Thank you sir :D ~TymexPyres

Curious Guy said...

I hope you enjoy Gasrattle, TymexPyres. Didn't want to use the term 'jazz' here 'cos maybe it would scare some people.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,when saying the term 'jazz'...I drawl from Birthday/Bomb Party,Bone Orchard,Tools you can trust :D ~TymexPyres

Anonymous said...

Super! Been searching this one for ages. Happiness is strong stuff indeed!!