Sunday, August 14, 2011

Menticide - Bathroom Ideas Exhibition 7"

Now there are some bands called Menticide but this one is the UK band, actually from Southwell, Nottinghamshire. Already started in 1976/77 but their first and only release was this single released in 1985, after some line-up changes.
I think they are also mentioned in John Robb's 'Death To Trad Rock' book but I'm not sure.
Menticide also appear on 'The Timebox' comp. album posted by Sorrow-Vomit on his great blog Kentucky Fried Wave.

Bathroom Ideas Exhibition 7" (Pink Flag Records-MENT 01-1985)
1. Bathroom Ideas Exhibition
2. The Wedding Jerk



MIke Brandon said...

utterly awesome.

cheers from NYC.

- Mike B.

Greazy Tony said...

Wow. Bathroom Ideas Exhibition is just amazing. Thanks for posting this!!

Sheerinertia said...

Speaking of the Timebox compilation- did you ever download it from the Kentuky Fried Wave webpage when the link was still active? I wanted to hear a few tracks off this record. Do you have this record or a link to download it?

Curious Guy said...

Here you go Sheerinertia: