Saturday, December 17, 2011

Live Skull - Bringing Home The Bait LP

As the YoungMossTongue blog disappeared, I think it's fair to post some more Live Skull here. On YMT you could find their complete discography but I only own the pre-Thalia Zedek recordings.
'Bringing Home The Bait' is  the band's first full length album, now released on Homestead Records.
So if you missed  the early Live Skull albums, you can grab them here now. 'Cloud One' and the 'Pusherman' EP will follow soon. Still a wonder rhat these records arent officially re-released these days.

Bringing Home The Bait LP (Homestead Records-HMS022-1985)
1. Sparky
2. Brains Big Enough
3. Glee Product
4. Ha Ha Ditch
5. Four
6. Houseboy
7. Wisdom & Gravy
8. Common Cruelty
9. Skin Job
10. Jerking The Light
11. Goodbye To The Uninvited Guests
12. Flake Out

Bringing Home The Bait


dreamritual said...

hey, i found your skinnerbox post, but the link was removed, can you contact me directly, i have a rare track of theirs from a Zillo compilation ablum if you want it. I'd like to get the s/t from you....

Thanks, nice blog.

Curious Guy said...

Hi Dreamritual,
can't find any email address on your profile. Check my profile and you'll find a link to contact me.

Anonymous said...

merci (zoé division)

Rownderbowt said...

Hi curious guy, your blog is incredible, i've been digging the last string of posts a lot. Anyway, i came across this one and i was thinking if it's possible a flac rip of this one (or any other live skull material) i'm really into this kind of no-wave-sounding stuff, so any other recommendation will be great too. Anyway, thanks for taking the time.

Curious Guy said...

I'll see what I can do.

Rownderbowt said...

thank you! i will be looking forward to them. By the way, are you on