Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Turncoats - Motor Ball Meltbeat 12"

Sole release of indie band The Turncoats. They also appear on the 'Fridge Freezer' comp. 7" posted here before.
Don't know a lot of The Turncoats but they are featured in John Robb's 'Death To Trad Rock' book. Still need to get me a copy.
Noise A Noise was a label set up by That Petrol Emotion. First release is a 12" from  That Petrol Emotion. A 12" of Death By Milkfloat was meant to be released but that never happened. It got released a few years later as the 'Sense And Nonsense' 12" in Greece on Di Di Records. Anyone who could find me a copy for a decent price can always let me know. Well, any Death By Milkfloat is welcome.

Note: first 2 tracks ripped as one track.

Motor Ball Meltbeat 12" (Noise A Noise-NAN 2T-1986)
1. One Breath
2. What's So Funny
3. Wishing Well
4. Call Her Name

The Turncoats


matt m said...

Haven't heard this gem in twenty odd years - many thanks. Saw them supporting That Petrol Emotion in Bristol and bought this on the strength of their performance. On the subject of That Petrol Emotion, I saw them a few times and always thought it a shame that their recorded output never quite captured the energy of the live performance.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Nice blog! !

Could you post any records of Death by milkfloat? I can't find it anywhere.

Thank you!

Curious Guy said...

Don't have any Death By Milkfloat records, sorry!

Patrick Murphy said...

once again, I grovel at your feet…another inactive link…re-post, please??? Thank you!!!

Curious Guy said...

Hi Patrick, new links are coming soon (need to find some time). This will be the last time I'll re-up them. Have some patience. Thx.

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!