Sunday, January 05, 2014

Cyan Revue - Four Wounds LP

Wish you all the best for 2014. This blog has been quite inactive the last year. I'm planning to post some records of blogs that are deleted/inactive. I ripped the records from my own collection.
Here's the second release of German postpunk band Cyan Revue, with Tobias Gruben (Die Erde, Heroina) on vocals, who sadly passed away in 1996. Originally posted on the Fritz Die Spinne blog but now deleted (hope you're doing fine Fritz!).
The other albums of Cyan Revue are posted here as well (mp3 only). Both are great as well.
Sleeve scan taken from the net as Windows ICE refused to do a decent job with the front cover.

Cyan Revue - Four Wounds LP (Yellow Ltd.-EFA 2205-1986)
1. Consecration
2. Permanent Days
3. Animal
4. We Dive
5. The Retire
6. In Distant Lands
7. The Unknown
8. Procez (The Strain)
9. Rats
10. Peoploids

Four Wounds (320)

Four Wounds - Side A (FLAC)

Four Wounds - Side B (FLAC)


Milord Teum said...

thank you so much .happy 2014 bro!

Anonymous said...

Super cool. So happy about your blog.
Big respect too. Thank so much for the sublime FLAC.
Great work !!
: )

Anonymous said...

yesssssss the return of a great blog!!! and with lossless downloads!!! your dick should be sucked by the entire population of china. good to have you back.Cheers from argentina

Anonymous said...

Bedankt en fijn dat je weer terug bent.

Fritz die Spinne said...

Hallo V.!
I am but it has been a roller coaster ride. I took the blog off as just inactive and hope to repost it someday, when things start to look up. Your old email is deleted? Mine is the same...

Curious Guy said...

Hi Fritz,
good to hear from you. Yes my hotmail account got deleted due to spam. My actual email address can be found in my profile if you wish to contact me. Hope you're doing fine.

ORMUS said...

On the subject of Fritz's defunct blog, wondering if you ever downloaded The Grinning Plowman ‎– Days Of Deformity from it? I've just discovered this band and can't seem to find their stuff anywhere online. In case you did, an upload would be much appreciated... not sure how this band was missed to be honest!



Curious Guy said...

Hey Adam, I think I have this one off of Fritz's blog. Need to find it.

Curious Guy said...

The Grinning Plowman (Days Of Deformity + I Play Jupiter):

ORMUS said...

You're a legend. Many thanks.

El Isabelino said...

Thanks for Cyan Revue. Any chance for a re-up of The Grinning Plowman? Thanks again.