Sunday, February 02, 2014

Deception Bay - s/t MLP

Got a request to post something of US band Deception Bay. I only have their first self-titled mini-album from 1989.
Deception Bay already existed from 1984 as Independent Project released a 10" of early recordings in 1991.
Long, repetitive songs with a gloomy atmosphere reminding the early Factory bands, especially Section 25.
Deception Bay released another album in 1991 'My Color Flag' and then seemed to disappear.

Deception Bay MLP (Independent Project Records-IPR 22-1989)
1. Since You Followed
2. Hook This Chain
3. Not Far From This
4. Ride
5. For The Season

Deception Bay (320)

Deception Bay - Side A (FLAC)

Deception Bay - Side B (FLAC)


Blogmeister said...

Nice lossless rips, Thank you!

Milord Teum said...

thank a lot ;have a nice week

Anonymous said...

Wow! The music on this blog was always good, but now it sounds good too.

Anonymous said...

yes thanxxx