Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pigbros - 12"s

Pigbros was an indie band from Birmingham that was close with The Membranes. Both bands collaborated on the 'Now Is The Time To Remove Your Mask' 12".
First time I heard 'Hedonist Hat' I was quite impressed. This song can be found on the 'The Blubberhouses' 12", their best release. 'Cheap Life' continues in the same tradition although it sounds more polished. A few years ago I could obtain the 'Just Call Me God' 12". But I must admit that I was a little disappointed as it sounds quite poppy. Just listen for yourself. Ant has never heard it before so here you go.
Pigbros released a full length 'From Now On This Is Will Be Your Ideal Life' on Cake Records. This small label was run by Fuzz Townsend and Peter Byrchmore who was a member of The Nightingales from 1983 to 1986. Other bands on the label are Capitols, Davidsons and Atom Spies. Never heard these. Would like to know if they're interesting.

The Blubberhouses 12" (Vinyl Drip-DRIP 3-1985)
1. Hedonist Hat
2. Excessive
3. War Food
4. From The Mouth Of
5. Lick Bones

Cheap Life 12" (Backs Records-12 NCH 110-1986)
1. Cheap Life
2. In Doubt
3. Bad Attitude

Just Call Me God 12" (Cake Records-12 Piece 5-1987)
1. Just Call Me God (Long Version)
2. Not A Lot (Short Version)
3. Not A Lot (Long Version)
4. Just Call Me God (Short Version)



Greg Dash said...

thanks for the pigbros. i have been looking for ages.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the great jams + blog!!!

from your friends n comrades @ -

Anonymous said...

This blog is the best thing I have ever stumbled upon. Great stuff.

Could you do some Furyo and some Leningrad Sandwich? You've covered nearly everything I've looked for, but these would be great. If not, no big deal! Thanks again though.

Curious Guy said...

Hey Kyle, you can find both Furyo records on the Cactus Mouth Informer blog. See link in sidebar.
No Leningrad Sandwich, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks a lot! That really helps.

coach_mcguirk said...

Cheers for this, Curiousguy. Just downloading at the moment. And there was me thinking I had all the Pigbros vinyl.

In the meantime, enjoy the excellent lo-fi video for "Excessive", from the superb Shelter video compilation of 1986 or thereabouts. Check out the rest of the

coach_mcguirk said...

er.. cut off in my prime there.

Meant to say - check out the rest of that Youtube user's videos for the rest of the Gimme Shelter video comp. Some great stuff in there.

Anonymous said...

I can post the "From Now On" LP if you like....

Pigbros - great stuff !!

Anonymous said...

I saw 'em once, circa Blubberhouses. They were BLISTERING (a bit of music paper speak there) stuff live! I sold / mislaid my copies of these years ago because I'm a berk... IBx

Justhipper said...

Gold Lame Shirt on Sweaty Midland Midrift Memory Dredge Shocker - and you could dance to them...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Many, many thanks for this!
I saw Pigbros live in Birmingham and they blew me away; loads better than they sound on record. To this day I believe they were one of the best bands I ever saw. I always expected them to become big stars, but it never happened. I have copies of the Blubberhouse and Call Me God, but nothing else 'til now.
Ah, happy memories!

Pip said...

I remember Pigbros from the Peel show and have been looking to pick these up for years. Never really thought it would happen, really pleased thanks.

Curious Guy said...

New HQ rips for the Pigbros 12"s.

Anonymous said...

Super, curieuzeneus! Ik heb al maanden platen aan de kant staan om te rippen voor uwe blog. Nu ben ik pas echt gemotiveerd.

Doet me echt heel veel plezier. Samen met enkele Cravatsplaten het enige wat ik destijds veel van hield maar niet kocht en waar ik nu soms spijt van heb. Dit verlicht het leed ruimschoots! ;-)

ook bedankt voor Raging Sun comp btw

Curious Guy said...

New link .Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Please reup if you have time. Great blog!

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!