Sunday, April 29, 2007

V/A Nightlands LP

Interesting experimental/ambient compilation on Final Image, the label run by O Yuki Conjugate. Muslimgauze offers a remixed track from the 'Abu Nidal' LP. Pump also had an LP on Final Image and was posted some time ago here. Biting Tongues were Factory artists. More albums can be found on Annie's Animal's blog. Gush offers a soundtrack to an unpublished screenplay. Bourbonese Qualk's track is from an unreleased lp called 'Lullabies'. Track from John Avery from forced Entertainment Theatre's '200% & Blood Thirsty'. He also had an LP on Final Image. Track from Tim Story from an unreleased album called 'Threads', recorded in 1980. Mute Calm was another project of some members of O Yuki Conjugate. Their track from a forthcoming (but, as far as I know unreleased) album. Human Flesh were from Belgium and connected to Bene Gesserit. Their album has been posted on The Thing On The Doorstep. And finally O Yuki Conjugate. Their track has been re-released on the 'Undercurrents (In Dark Water)' CD.

V/A Nightlands LP (Final Image-FIB 5-1987)
1. Muslimgauze - Green Is The Colour Of The Prophet
2. Pump - Do This
3. Biting Tongues - Half Deepmen
4. Gush - New York, 1940
5. Bourbonese Qualk - Lullaby
6. John Avery - That Marilyn Walk
7. Tim Story - The Moors
8. Mute Calm - Zone
9. Human Flesh - First Soundtrack
10. O Yuki Conjugate - Another Journey



Nachete said...

Hi, I've check your blog and it's just great. I'm doing quite the same with mine, so I've added you to my favorites.
Please take a look inside and give some feedback.

Anonymous said...

hi! nice comp, but i think track #4 is missing from the zip file!

Curious Guy said...

I'll check! anyone else has track 4 missing?

Curious Guy said...

I just dl'd the file and mine was complete. Maybe check the file again? Otherwise I'll do track 4 for you .

paphio said...

hello, i'm looking for the john avery's LPs:
Nighthawks (on final Image like this compil) and
Jessica In The Room Of Lights (Technical Records)
Thank for your work, here!

Anonymous said...

Nice music, thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

any chance for a new link?

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!