Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ausgang A-Go-Go - Los Descamisados MLP

Last release of Ausgang. For this release the band added A-Go-Go to their name.
First 6 tracks can be found on Side A that plays on 33 RPM. 'Turn On Tonic' is the B Side and plays on 45 RPM. This track is the only one that made it to the Ausgang anthology CD. Now here's your chance to hear the other songs.

Los Descamisados MLP (Shakedown-AUS MLP 002-1987)
1. Itchy Fingers A-Go-Go
2. Tumbleweed
3. Wasted Land
4. Batos Locos
5. Bad Hand
6. Iron & Clay
7. Turn On Tonic

Los Descamisados


J said...

Thanks alot for this! - the Ausgang cd is annoyingly incomplete... I don't suppose you've got the solid glass spine song which has also been left off for some reason...?

Curious Guy said...

James, I'm planning to post a comp. of tracks which will include the Ausgang song you mention.

Fritz die Spinne said...

Cool! I do have this, but it must be heard.

I have the album with a good four or five songs left off the anthology as well. Must locate it and share.

Then the band released a new CD of material in the last 2-3 years.

lino said...

Thanks a lot for this fantastic music!

pixie said...

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I Look For A Called Group Gone To Earth Folk Punk In Spain Is Not Anything.

Thank You Very Much

Curious Guy said...

Hello Pixie, don't have any Gone To Earth. I know they did some records on Probe Plus.

Anonymous said...

cheers for this curious guy -

ausgang and into a circle on one blog - doesnt really get much better.

thanks again

Highlander said...

Thanks for this curious guy, haven't got a copy (but have now...). I agree with James and was intending to post some of the earlier EP's (Head On, teachings Of Web) to let people complete their collections. When I get round to it of course.

J said...

Cheers guys - looking forward to it!

Droid Sektor said...

Hey Curious Guy. Link for Ausgang is removed. please post again (i\ or rapidshare)Way cool fabulous site. 80s music was the best! This stuff beats any 21century boyband pretending to be post-punk or whatever.

Curious Guy said...

Hey Nuno,
just tried and it works fine on my end. Please try again, OK?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this.Only thing I needed to complete my collection, would love it on disc mind :) Loved ausgang since the early days even use their name as my xbox live monika (Saddo ;) ) and my prized possession is a signed photo, wish i'd kept me leather jacket with the head on sleeve painted on the back.

Marx said...

The link isn't working... Any chance od re-uploading this?

Curious Guy said...

New link Marx. Enjoy!

Marx said...

Thanx a lot!

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!