Saturday, June 09, 2007

V/A Enemies Of The State LP

Third compilation of the well-known 1 In 12 Club from Bradford. This club is still around and is the only autonomously run club in the UK. I've been there a few times in the 90's.
I don't know if the club still releases compilations but I don't think so.
Actually, this is the first one on vinyl. The first 2 are tape-only releases (Anyone out there who has these?).
A lot of diverse stuff here and all in DIY production which adds to the charm. The track of The Three Johns can only be found here. Eton Crop and The Ex are Dutch bands, all the others are from the UK. Wild Willi Beckett and Dirk Spig are poets. And those who enjoy some gothy postpunk need to listen to Requiem.
I also have the fourth volume 'Systembeat' that I will post later.

V/A Enemies Of The State LP (1 In 12 Club-1In12 003-1984)
1. Eton Crop - Boringisms
2. Requiem - Spartan Life
3. Surfin' Dave & The B'Nee Teas - Exchange & Mart
4. Sweet Life - In A World Of My Own
5. The Mighty Clifton Brothers - Eldridge
6. Chinese Gangster Element - World's On Fire
7. Wild Willi Beckett - Privelige
8. The Word - Boys Choir
9. The Three Johns - Bloop
10. Chronic - Who Cares
11. The Ex - The Big Zzzleep
12. Seven Antelopes - Eat People
13. The Convulsions - Media Punx
14. Dirk Spig - The Russians Are Coming
15. Household Name - The Race Is On

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Anonymous said...

I had this on a tape and I lost it while I was serving the Army, back in 1987...

Alan said...

Thanks for posting this. I was the drummer in The Mighty Clifton Brothers and do have this but not on MP3. Played many times at the 1 in 12 in various venues before they got their own place, and played with many of the bands on this album - its a really good compilation and nice to see it out there again!

Anonymous said...

Hey i have Part 1 funeral parade ep, check me on slsk as przesyt , i shared it there !


Curious Guy said...

Hello Alan, thanks for leaving a comment. Did you record more ?
Simon, thanks for the offer but I'm not on slsk. Maybe you con provide it to me another way ?
Anon, were you obliged to serve or was it your choice ? Just curious as I was obliged too but I chose civil service. But in Belgium this rule has been suspended already for 15 years I guess.

English Paul said...

Some great tracks on here. Never heard this album before so thanks !!!

Anonymous said...

Curioys guy, I was obliged, service is obligatory in Greece(21 months for me back then, I think it is 12 now)

Matt said...

All 15 of the 1 In 12 Club Albums are being re-released by the Club on CD in early 2008.
For information on some of the bands on this compilation visit
Wild Willi Beckett RIP 2007 - new single out now!!