Friday, April 25, 2008

DZ Lectric - Be Eclectic! LP

Another generous gift from Capa Nostra Syndicate.
Not that I know alot about DZ Lectric. It's the alter ego of French musician Christian Dezert.
'Be Eclectic!' is the only vinyl release of DZ Lectric. He was more involved in the 80's underground cassette scene and released quite some tapes on different labels like Grafika Airlines, Trax, Présence,... Many of them were collaborations with Anton Shield.
Before DZ Lectric, Christian used the name Magnétique Bleu and released one 7" on Scopa Invisible.
Capa Nostra Syndicate has a few of those tapes and he's planning to post them on his own blog in the future. One collaboration tape can be found on Mutant Sounds here. Another collaboration tape with Arnovah on my friend's blog The Thing On The Doorstep.
A list of Christian Dezert's output can be found here.

Be Eclectic! LP (Transformer Records-TRANS 01-1987)
1. Geister
2. All The Sad Young Men
3. Dreamcream
4. Melancolies
5. Hours And Years
6. Razorblades
7. Chant D'Electrons
8. Danse Rituelle Noire
9. Affrontements

Link removed. Buy the reissue CD (with 4 bonus tracks) on Infrastition.


Capa Nostra said...

Also there's a cult cassette of DZ Lectric in collaboration with Die Form called Flexible Music Vol. 1 that is more ambient and electro-experimental. I'll post all these cassettes probably next week.

nova said...

The first song is totally perfect

soundhead said...

echo prism 7":

Fantasmi said...

I've only heard of this..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! Enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

Can someone re upload it??I beg you , please...

Curious Guy said...

but I delete links when records are reissued. Those labels do hard work in reissuing hard-to-find music so it's better to support them.