Saturday, April 05, 2008

Third Circle - Goodbye To Yesterday 12"

Second effort of Rouska band Third Circle.
These are slower tracks of which 'Goodbye To Yesterday' is a brooding industrial ballad as stated on a promosheet.
The lyrics are observations on society. 'The Unwanted' deals with racism and the maltreatment of immigrants while politicians do nothing about it.
'Go South' deals with the media. 'Freewill And Farewell' is about the end of real socialism caring for the working class.

Goodbye To Yesterday 12" (ROUSKA-PROFANE 18-1987)
1. Freewill And Farewell
2. The Unwanted
3. Go South

Goodbye To Yesterday


Anonymous said...

These were a little slower than the others.. I am going to make a formal request that in your infinite generosity will someday post the No Big Buisness Vol.I that you have. As always, much appreciation.

Anonymous said...

yes please could you post the vol 1 of no big business comp?
amazing blog! keep it up!!

Curious Guy said...

OK, I still need to rip this album so it will take some time. Expect it in the near future.

Denis Joseph O'Driscoll said...

Hello there. I am surprised to see this. I had a bit of time on my hands and so I idley googled 'Third Circle'. I like the comments that you made as I can't recall a better summery of this single.

I assume you are comparing it to 'Last Night Was The Best Night Of My Life', when you talk about this being slower.

This takes me back to younger days as I am the singer/lyricist on this record.

Thank you so much. Even I dont have a copy of this. I recall hearing a CD compilalation by Rouska. Apparently it was the first compilation of Indie bands on CD.

I remember hearing one of our tracks on it and it sounded terrible.

Anyhow, if you want to get in touch, my blog has my e-mail on it (somewhere)

Curious Guy said...

Thanks Denis. Already emailed you.

Anonymous said...

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richard rouska said...

hello dennis - how are u?
contact me.
did u do tc myspace?
no probs. just interested.
all t'best

Curious Guy said...

Hello Richard,
thanks for the comments. You can find Denis' email if you click on his name on his comment.