Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dier - Hamer 12"

Dier was a Dutch rockband with an experimental touch. Released a few tapes before on their own Stichting Update Materials label. There's also a 7" called 'Mensen Praten'.
The 'Hamer' 12" is one of their more accessible works bordering on mathrock. Can't really compare them with anything else and I guess this won't be everybody's cup of tea.
6 songs of which most are under 2 minutes long.

More Dier can be found on No Longer Forgotten Music.

Hamer 12" (Stichting Update Materials-STÜM 011-1987)
1. Hamer
2. Sla Je Zus
3. Wolf
4. Werk
5. Nixandehanda
6. Dikke Jongens



433 RPM said...

great! i gave my copy away along time and i can't remember to whom. nice to get it back. martin hoogenboom of Dier still records music.

jbs1230 said...

Do you have Norma Loy's - Power of Spirit (power remix) ? I have been looking for it everywhere--thought I would ask. Thanks

Curious Guy said...

Sorry don't have the record you mention.

Unknown said...

nice one... reminds me both stylistically and production-wise of some of the more experimental rock bands on SST in the 80s...