Tuesday, July 15, 2008

V/A Le Cimetière Des Passions LP

Thanks to Tristan.Koreya for this kind donation.
Here's the quite rare cold wave/synth comp. LP released on New Wave Records from France.
The album has 5 bands each doing 2 songs.
I must admit I never heard of most bands here. Magnétique Bleu is the band Of Christian dezert, also known as DZ Lectric. The song 'Geister' also appeared on the 'Be Eclectic!'LP I posted a while ago.
Dazibao existed for quite some time and released a few singles, a 12" on New Wave and a few albums. This is the first time I heard them so I don't know which are interesting.
All the other bands only appeared on this comp. as far as I know.
Contrary to the label name, New Wave released mostly punk and hardcore records. Other wave acts are Norma Loy (1st 12") and Kronstadt.

As always, you can find alot of info on the French New Wave site.

V/A Le Cimetière Des Passions LP (New Wave-NW-011-1985)
1. Analoid - Désespoir Désespéré
2. Dazibao - L'Bent
3. Magnétique Bleu - Proxy
4. Near Death Experience - Le Pendu
5. Les Visiteurs Du Soir - Je T'Ecris D'Un Pays
6. Les Visiteurs Du Soir - Le Maudit
7. Near Death Experience - Except Me
8. Magnétique Bleu - Geister
9. Dazibao - Les Tambours Lointains
10. Analoid - Sans Issue

Le Cimetière Des Passions


Anonymous said...

You can listen and download the two last LPs of Dazibao on the site of their bass player :

In my opinion Amok is the more interesting of those two. If you like it, it would be worth to find the earlier LP "les musiques de la honte" and the "Sahd" EP which sound more post punk/cold wave.
(the tracks "Habeitek" and "R'dem" on Amok were CD bonus, they originally came from the "Sahd" EP).

kqwiet said...

Awesome blog! Thanks! I'll check my archives and see if I have anything you're looking for. I do have the Bron Area I know for sure!

Curious Guy said...

Looking forward to it kqwiet. I'll add your blog as well.

frankie teardrop said...

as a quick aside sir, i've uncovered two of your requests. the first (that elusive shoc corridor LP) has just been posted.

otherwise, i also have the 'fugitive kind' 12'', and will post it with the first schleimer k LP sometime this week!

arnoldtan said...

thanks for this one...do you have the band from denmark called NAIVE, with album of FISH?.......and also the VArious artist - DEBUT LP magazine Vol. 5( including olympic smiles track)......thanks

noisepress said...


hi:) is this what your looking for?


cheers from sofia!

Curious Guy said...

arnoldtan, I'm afraid I can't help you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks you very much for this LP I was constantly listening to 20 years ago. Cheers from France.

ElPozo said...

Interesting blog.
Please visit my blog and enjoy with my albums!!!


Greetings from Spain!!!

kqwiet said...

Here you are Curious Guy! A couple of Bron Area for ya!


Curious Guy said...

kqwiet, thanks alot for the Bron Area. Much appreciated. Should have been as wellknown as Eyeless In Gaza.

Capa Nostra said...

Great compilation. I can post Dazibao's Sahd 12'', so you can give it a listen. Greetings.

soundhead said...
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soundhead said...

great compilation!

thanks curious guy & tristan.koreya!

Alex said...

Curious Guy Do you have lyrics Magnétique Bleu - Proxy? If so, please share! Very very need

Curious Guy said...

Sorry Alex, can't help you.

Unknown said...

Curious Guy, Can advise where to look?

Curious Guy said...

If google doesn't help, I really don't know.

francis said...

any chance of re-uploading this? thanks in advance

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

kauft-mein-buch.blogspot said...

Expired again :-/

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!