Monday, August 04, 2008


Seems that Shareonall is inactive "for the moment". I'll replace all links this week. Only 7 posts so that should work fine.
First will be the Anabas & Tea House Camp 7"s as requested. The other ones are:
- Kafblau 12"
- Auscult 12"
- Brave New World LP
- V/A Complication LP
- Spasmodique 12"
- V/A Bouquet Of Steel LP
New posts will follow next week/this weekend.


Curious Guy said...

New links for Anabas/Tea House Camp and Auscult.

Anonymous said...

shareonall probably has huge problems with the germany-based GEMA (google the term, it´s a "the music authors’ society"). I don´t expect they will be coming back.
other file-multiplying services that recently were forced to quit the plate were Xirror and

best wishes

Anonymous said...

Thank God! You' re back! It's been a while since your last post...

Keep up the good work

best wishes!

Curious Guy said...

Just having a summer recess.
Spasmodique & Kafblau have new link as well.

Anonymous said...

thanks your back......can you please post various artist - debut LP magazine volume 5.......thanks

Curious Guy said...

Can't help you with this one, sorry.

Mike said...

Looks to me like Share-On-All is not coming back. I want to thank you for the most wonderful music blog. It has been a joy reading and listening. I hope you continue. Many thanks for your time, devotion, and effort.


erreur fatale said...

regardless, any time and effort you spend/have spent is so very much appreciated, thanks for turning me on to some great tuneage

Curious Guy said...

All ShareOnAll links replaced by Zshare ones.

goutroy said...

I haven't had many problems with Zshare or Mediafire (knock on wood...) In fact, some of my mediafire uploads from almost a year ago are still up.
By the way, I finally got around to ripping the 5 Miles to Midnight comp; it's on my blog,