Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cecilia ± - The Other Side Of This Side LP

First release on Aztlan Records is a solo album of the late Cecilia ±. We know her for her work with Angel Of The Odd.
This album is spoken word/poetry. Except for one vocals-only track 'About Death' all tracks have very diverse music as background. So that makes the album an interesting listen. Also the album lasts about 30 minutes. Long enough to keep it interesting as well. Well there is one real song on it called 'Imaginary Man'.
Her 2nd effort was a cassette-only release which is the 3rd release on Aztlan. Anyone who has it?

The Other Side Of This Side LP (Aztlan Records-AZT 1001-1986)
1. Speed Demons
2. Dancing The Widdershen
3. The Line
4. Laughter Through Madness
5. Crimson Red
6. The Colours Are Black
7. About Death
8. Monterey Park
9. Ouigi - U9 Riri
10. Dead Bottom
11. Balboa Island
12. Fire Vs Water
13. Sometimes
14. Imaginary Man

Cecilia ±


toxik boys said...

thanks friend


Anonymous said...

I remember her. My uncle use to know her back in the 80's. Thanks for posting this one.

Simon.thisisnotanexit said...

Any chance of a reupload as I can't get this link to work and really keen to hear!

Curious Guy said...

Simon, just tried and it works fine. Any suggestion for a different filehost server?

Anonymous said...

She also released a compilation album called Nirvana in 1991. Do you have it?

jellyrollfortheearhole said...

I knew Cecilia for a time in the early '80s. She was a sweet, gentle soul, beautiful, and a little bit of an eccentric which I think served her music and persona well. (We experimented with the idea of playing music together but it'd never come together.) I hadn't been in touch w/ her since then so I was surprised and saddened to hear of her untimely demise and the tragic death of her young son. I can't imagine an experience more heartbreaking than losing a child.

According to her obituary she was something of a practicing Catholic, I saw no evidence of at the time. I hope her faith was able to carry her in her time of need.

Anyway, that was my story. Thank you so much for making her work available.

Best, Deiter

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!