Saturday, September 20, 2008

Exile In The Kingdom - Freedom/Total Disorder 7"

Let's throw in some punk tunes as extra today.
No info to be found on the net and this 7" doesn't show up alot for sale as well.
For the Jon Langford (Mekons, The Three Johns) fans: sleeve artwork is done by him.
I found out about 2 more releases on this UK label: a 12" by the Pink Flamingoes and a 12" of The Palookas.

Freedom/Total Disorder 7" (Prophet Records-PROFEX 8-1984)
1. Freedom
2. Total Disorder

Exile In The Kingdom


Anonymous said...

es un buen disco las dos canciones me gustaron, gracias por el cd se te agradece.

Paul said...


A friend of mine just pointed me to your blog, and I am so glad he did. Wonderful stuff. I've started scanning from the beginning. I've added you as a link on my blog, In spirit it is similar to your blog, with similar tastes but less of a focus. Please visit and check it out! I will definitely be a regular here on yours!


punkbelongstopunks said...

woooaaa i was searching for this long time ago... thanks a lot


Raped Ass Victim said...

Hey, here is some slim info on Exile In The Kingdom that I found. Thanks for the upload as well!

punk,ska,and oi in irish towns 1976-1989 said...

Exile in the kingdom were a punk rock band from Drogheda,a town in Co Louth,Ireland.They had two releases,"freedom/total disorder",a 7",and they also appeared on ROIR a new york label's compilation cassette "world class punk".I am presently working on a book called "They Didn't Conform-Punk,ska,and oi in Irish towns 1976-1989" and I will be interviewing the band as part of my book.I once had their demo tape,sent it to ROIR in New York-and not sure what they did with it after putting them on the C-60.