Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cold September - Looking Up At Them At Me LP

It's not September but it's damn cold over here in Belgium for the moment.
Cold September was a new wave/deathrock band from Hollywood, CA. I didn't find any info but drummer Walt Phelan also played in punkband RF7.
There seem to be some bands this day with the same name but have nothing to do with this band.
The album was released on Azra Records, mostly known for releasing metal stuff, although the 12" of punkband Funeral was also released on this label.

Looking Up At Them At Me LP (Azra Records-A-2086-1986)
1. Seven Strangers
2. Veil Of Guise
3. The Truth
4. You Drive Me
5. Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte
6. The Useless Ones
7. You're Too Much
8. The Meaning Of Life
9. Wake Up Eva
10. Looking Up At Them At Me

Cold September


Anonymous said...

Woooooooo! Ma sorprendio mucho que akguien tenga esta banda de deathrock que estaba buscando desde hace años atras mil gracias te lo agradesco sigue con esta exelente musica.

James said...

Thanks for the introduction to a great record/band. I've actually had to track down many of the vinyl you've posted on your blog and it looks like this is no exception!

Zintetica said...

Xcellent for the great post here in your blog, really is a wonder, with all rare music.

Unknown said...

Wow! Thanks for the download and the cover to. Iplayed
drums in this band The guitar player Nick Lamagna and I are both in RF7. In CS we played L.A. for years with bands like Janes Addiction and Faster Pussycat. Alot of cool L.A. clubs back in the 80's the china club the scream club would never be in the same place twice, so many people comin out to see bands. alot of fun!

Curious Guy said...

Hello Walter, thanks for leaving a comment here and making no objections that I posted this album.
Still into RF7. Like that band.

Dio Bach said...

Corking little LP this one, a real surprise that I would never have bothered with. Thanks once again for bringing these forgotten gems to a wider audience.

Unknown said...

Wow..I played guitar in this band as well..Good to see walter wrote something. I actually have about 5 copies of our album still in shrink wrap ! ..Check out my current band at

Unknown said...

I know that there are copies of this album available on ebay from the producer as he sent me a few copies. I actually have 2 white vinyl copies I got as I was the guitar player in the band and I wrote hush hush sweet charlotte.check out my new band Brilliant Sun on

Curious Guy said...

Hello Steven, thanks for the comment.I'll check out the band you're playing in now.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a reupload? Very intrigued to hear this!

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!