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Meat Joy - s/t LP

Best wishes to everyone!
Here's a request of Aesop of the Cosmic Hearse blog. A pretty rare LP of Houston, TX band Meat Joy. They also appear on the 'Metal Moo Cow' comp. and 'Bands On The Block' comp., both on Matako Mazuri Records.
1500 copies pressed and each copy has a different sleeve (the scan of mine didn't work out well). You can check discogs for another sleeve.
Can't find any info on them. The record is a very weird one. Has strange home recordings as interludes, some acoustic guitar songs as well as some more punky tracks. 'Proud To Be Stupid' deals with the stagnant hardcore movement with it's own rules and intolerant behaviour. 'Slenderella' is about the so-called ideal looks that women have to strive for.

I scanned all the inserts that came with the record, except for the laundry bill which isn't that relevant.

Meat Joy LP (Flesh & Blood-1984)
1. Prelude In C-Flat (The Storm)
2. Another Pair
3. Brothers & Sisters
4. Call Black
5. My Heart Crawls Off
6. Proud To Be Stupid
7. Caleb In The Tub
8. Pleasure Time
9. Slenderella
10. The Last Round Up
11. Matthew 10:36
12. Godpleaser
13. I'm Sorry But I Do
14. For When Love Is Irrelevance
15. Ich Bin Nur Ein Schauspieler
16. Final Curtain

Meat Joy


cuddlefish said...

Thanks so much for this release from this Austin, Tx art damaged band. "My Heart Crawls Off" is a classic. *sigh* I miss the Beach Cabaret...


Curious Guy said...

Seems some of their stuff was recorded in Houston but the band was from Austin as you say. Thanks for clearing that out.

Aesop said...

Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Holy fucking fucking fuck! Thank you so much for this. I have it on vinyl. It's my holy grail of things I've been waited for digitally. My cover is I think of Lon Chaney Jr., and on the back are two footprints, some scribbles, and has this painted on it "NUTHER PAYR UV BRESTZ". My friend Bernie had the Truman Capote cover. The sleeve was filled with ads for male hookers.

Gretchen Phillips was the lead female singer and actor John Hawkes probably the lead male singer. If you like punky lo-fi this is a great record. Thanks again!


Curious Guy said...

Hi emerson, thanks for the extra info. My copy is entitled 'America's Entertainment Nightmare' and the back is stickered with magazine cut-outs and other trivia. Makes one think how much time it took to make all those different sleeves.

Mito said...


I bought my copy for only 9,99 dollars in ebay!!!!

The cover (handmade of course) says "Dance, oh, baby, won´t yu dance 4 me?", each word with different colour, and 2 woman´s photos like dancing.

Thanks for posting it here in mp3!!!

Stiff Bang Wow said...

I really thought that this one would never come up on one of these blogs. In almost 20 years I've never seen another mention of this record. Thanks for posting - I hadn't gotten around to making a digital copy of my vinyl yet.

geoff cordner said...

Wow!! Nice job. I haven't heard this one in, I dunno, 20+ years...Takes me back...

A little bit of clarification: All of this album was recorded in Austin, except for one of the home recordings (of Gretchen's sister?) which was done in Houston. The album covers seemed like a great idea at the time, but about 200 covers into the job in my garage in the Texas heat, our fingers covered in paper cuts from clipping coupons and other ads, all out of receipts for various shit to stick in 'em, high and bad headaches from inhaling all the various fumes from the inks and solvents, we decided maybe it wasn't as much fun as we thought.

Gretchen and John Boy were the primary vocalists, but seems like Melissa did a lot of singing as well, as did...(oops...sorry, can't remember his name...)

Teresa Nervosa (of the Butthole Surfers) was the person who brought me into the Meat Joy fold, and is all over this record.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome, I got to know Gretchen when she was fucking a guy who was getting it on with a guy I was screwing. Ah, 1985 in Austin.

I remember a few parties where we would have a stack of blank record covers, many art supplies, lotsa pot and various other amusements.


Curious Guy said...

New link for the Meat Joy album.

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

Scott said...
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Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!