Sunday, March 07, 2010

V/A Anatomy Of Coincidence MC

Obscure comp. tape from 1984 with 10 acts from Indiana. The address states Bloomington so maybe these bands were made of students as Bloomington has one of the best universities of the world.
All tracks are instrumental and mostly made with keyboards. So expect some nice minimal synth tunes with a slightly experimental edge.
500 copies made. It is hard to tell what the bands and track titles are but Practic is mentioned for production and design so that meant that the titles in bold are the track titles I guess (see scan in the file).

V.A Anatomy Of Coincidence MC (Clandestine Recordings-001-1984)
1. Grey Area - Melancholia
2. Practic - Gone Unnoticed
3. Sphere Of Influence - Photosphere
4. Col5lage - 551
5. A Drowning Man - Rapture Of The Deep
6. Element - Rooms Without Doors
7. Deca-dense - Judgment Falling
8. Innerface - Human Factors
9. Machine Language - The Wake
10. Light On Surface - Believe/Deceive

EDIT: thanks to Oldskool, I found out that I mixed up the sides of the tape. It's hard to tell which side is A & B, so I made a major fuck-up. Below is a new link with the CORRECT tags. sorry for the inconvenience.

NEW LINK!!!!!!! (so ignore the post above. Should be all correct now)
Anatomy Of Coincidence


Anonymous said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Nice one, thank you very much! Could it be that you mixed up Photosphere by Sphere Of Influence and Human Factors by Innerface? The Innerface track is also on None Night Of Flexipop vol 1. But if you listen it's the same as the one you list as Sphere Of Influence.

Curious Guy said...

I think you're right, oldskool. That means that side A & B are reversed. It's hard to tell on the tape which side is A & B. Damn, I'll re-up with the right tracklisting. Need to re-tag all these.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to cause you extra work, Curious Guy. Of course it is hard with an almost entirely instrumental tape to tell the tracks ...

Anonymous said...

! C:\Users\Vicko\Downloads\VA Anatomy Of CRC failed in V.A. Anatomy Of Coincidence\06 Room Without Doors.mp3. The file is corrupt

Curious Guy said...

Busy uploading. Check back later.

Anonymous said...

Curious Guy
Did I say that I love you-:)

Greatings from Serbia

Anonymous said...

this is a KILLER compilation!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Todd said...

yes, really a KILLER comp *** especially this deca-dense track ** wHooOOWw!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome Thanks!

Petty Vendetta said...

Finally got around to listening to this one- really remarkable oldskool. Thanks for sharing.


Anthony Junkoid said...

Link is dead - please re-up this gem!

Curious Guy said...

New link Anthony. Enjoy!

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!