Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fourwaycross- Fill The Sky LP

One of the better known LA underground bands from the late 80's. Great mix of postpunk with a psychedelic sound
'Fill The Sky' is the band's 2nd release after an 8 track tape (which was later issued on vinyl on Nate Starkman & Son).
This album is probably the last album of the 1st line-up with Tom Dolan as lead-singer. Later albums have Beth Thompson as lead vocalist.
Tom Dolan released a solo album as Doubting Thomas.
The album is pretty long (± 50 mins.) so it's a pretty big file. Scans of the insert are included.
This album also includes the 1st issue of Alternator magazine (not scanned).

Note: lots of tracks ripped as 1 track as I didn't want to disrupt the flow of the album.

Fill The Sky LP (Motiv Communications-Motiv Prod 2-1986)
1. Climate And Weather
2. Indy
3. Apologize
4. So For You
5. Losing
6. Dirty News
7. U.S.A.
8. Trench
9. Unconcerned
10. Dream

Fill The Sky


Fritz die Spinne said...

Cool--thanks. I have their self-titled CD, and a collection called Pendulum. This one has evaded me for years.

Slow Pulse Girl said...

...This was the one I needed
*happy dance*
YAY! thank you

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

me too thanks:>}

CkoviNS said...

Yes, thanx for Fourwaycross. I like them...You can find some at:

Greatings, Vicko

Anonymous said...

here I found this thing I thought you might like, idk nothin about it though

Tom said...

Funny, found this doing a web search. I have just about everything we ever recorded now ripped as pretty good quality MP3s. If anyone wants it, email me at tom.dolan [at]

Best, Tom D

Used Universe said...

Fourwaycross were a great band. I have this and a few other LPs, maybe I should upload them...Oh, I need a new needle for my player.

Tom said...
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zpoyly said...

got the opportunity to saw biff sanders (their drummer) twice in Tijuana Mexico ounce with fwc and the other with ethil meatplow, thanks for the upload my vinyl will take a big rest.

Unknown said...

We're back together in LA trying to do some shows.

zpoyly said...

Cool, how about considering mexicali in one of those shows, that will be radical you guys hace some diehard fans here...