Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's Raining - Radioland 12" + 7"

Learned to know this band by downloading this 12" from a blog now gone. And I did like what I heard so I tried to find this record as well as the harder to find 7".
It's Raining were from Huntington Woods, MI. , consists of 4 members. They have a strong UK postpunk sound, except maybe the vocals. No groundbreaking stuff here but a fine listen.
Not much info to be found on the band. Both records released by the band on Certain Records.
The 7" has good songs but sounds muddy probably of bad vinyl pressing.

Radioland 12" (Certain Records-CER 1001-1984)
1. Radioland
2. Different Light
3. Go Along With You
4. Looking Glass

The Party She Cried 7" (Certain Records-CER 1002-1986)
1. The Party She Cried
2. As If It Were Today

It's Raining


Anonymous said...

This band included Matt Smith, now of Outrageous Cherry. Detroit suburbs post-punk scene.

Anonymous said...

Matt Smith is also in the Volebeats, and has produced quite a few records for a variety of artists.

Sahara said...

Hey, I remember them. I think I have that first one, on vinyl of course. I knew Brian.

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!