Friday, July 01, 2011

Forced Nostalgia

Here's a bit of promo for my good friend FDV of Plague Recordings. As Plague is on a hiatus for a while, he now concentrates on releasing mostly vinyl albums of out-of-print/unreleased before recordings. Very diverse stuff but all equally interesting. Check out the Soundcloud player.
The records are available through Boomkat, Forced Exposure and a few others. Follow the link to the FN website for more details.

We are a record label dedicated to releasing archival material from the analogue electronic underground dating from the post-punk heyday of the late 70s to the mid 90s. Our program takes in a wayward selection of often unreleased, mostly unheard and overlooked material from tape music to industrial, from bossa-pop to proto-techno, and from drone to out and out analogue experimentation. The vast majority of the music now being made available on vinyl for the very first time.

Forced Nostalgia

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FN - The Unrivalled said...

many thx L!

Anonymous said...

are those bands a hoax or genuine? i am from italy, i'm deeply into obscure wave and related... and i've never heard their names (i'd rembembr easily Cicciolina Holocaust ahah).

FN - The Unrivalled said...

not a hoax. i've met quite a few italians claimig to be into obcure stuff (and some of them actually are), who never heard of Toniutti. i guess the grass is greener on the other side of the hill...

Anonymous said...

ok i believe you. the example doesn't fit... maybe toniutti is not known to people deeply into new wave and not familiar to post-industrial and experimental stuff - i know lots of people here that are all-wave or all-industrial... it's normal i think. besides the toniutti brothers are quite famous, i read lots of reviews on fanzines and there's also an article about them in the first run of the italian edition of the industrial handbook.

I was asking because i'm really into obscure stuff and i love equally new wave and industrial (with all the related subgenres of both the macro genres) and i've never heard a single name that you are publishing.
So my best compliments to you and your label - i'm definitely intrested in those reissues :-)

Plague Recordings said...
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FN-The Unrivalled said...

@ Anonymous -> my Toniutti example does fit as I'm actually refering to Italian people heavily into INDUSTRIAL music but who never heard of Toniutti til last year (when I gave them the Mutazione CD).

Sermonizer and C.H. are not wave bands. They are called like this ("synthwave") by some retailers since this generic term is "hot" now.

Check out Alampo and related output ? This DIY label from Bologna was very active during 2007-2010 with numerous home-made CDr releases. hardly nobody was interested in their productions, let alone Italians. The roots of the label = Bolgia Folk and Noir Tapes, both operating in the '80.

FN will publish La Bambola Del Dr Caligari --> 1 track can be streamed in the player on website.

More obscure and less obscure to follow when the time is there.


Anonymous said...

To Fn - The Unrivalled : i just checked Sermonizer's samples on "the Beast Of.." and the effect are all digital. As the previous user said and lots of other are thinking, you are making up those fake experimental synth bands from the past... Why? With all the Old Records yet to be reissued ...

Sermonizer said...

Just for information,AnonymousGenius :
"The beast of Sermonizer" was recorded in 2007/2008
and released in 2008.
The tracks on FN split were recorded in 1984/1986.
Yes,in the eighties i used synth,drum machines and tapes.
Yes.NOW i (also) use a computer.
Yes,i started to play this kind of stuff in 1981.
And,yes,the world is full of assholes.

Gary said...

@ sermonizer: slight correction -> full of retarded assholes.

anyway, totally ridiculous comment by "anonymous". the beast of sermonizer is listed everywhere as recorded in 2007-2008. i have the CDr on alampo, great stuff. apparently someone doing music in the '80 isn't supposed to be active in 2008.

most probably GeniusAnonymous wasn't even born in '80 and is currently suffering from teenage angst, hence his frustrating (anonymous) comment.

any chance you will re-issue the Sobillator tape? it appears on FN bandcamp website and sounds fat.