Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sardine V - Sabotage / Sudan 7"

Follow-up to the great 12" posted here a while ago. This 7" was released in 1982, prior to the 'I Hate You' 12".
Got the raw wav's from bX-59cppw and transferred them to HQ mp3's for you all.
I know it has been posted on another blog some time ago but I wasn't very happy with the 128 kbps rip of the B-side of this great 7".
For more info, check my previous entry on Sardine V and especially the comments!
Great postpunk with Ian Rilen (RIP) of Rose Tattoo and X, and his wife Stephanie.

Sabotage / Sudan 7" (White Label Records-K8582-1982)
1. Sabotage
2. Sudan

Sardine V


Fritz die Spinne said...

Love this!

Hey--did you ever get the LP "The Greats" by "I Spartacus?" Or their first 7" "Donna is Distressed" named as "I'm Spartcus?"

Curious Guy said...

Hi Fritz. It's been a while. Hope you're doing fine.
Didn't score anything else by I Spartacus. Maybe sorrow-vomit can help. He runs the Kentucky Fried Wave blog.

Anonymous said...

I’m Spartacus - Donna Is Distressed
can be found on

Fritz die Spinne said...

About the same as you, CG. Lots of things in life....

Fairtrade--Thanks. I was more interested in thefull single. I have that sampler.

Anonymous said...

Probably Fritz is aware of it, but nevertheless, sorrow-vomit posted

Curious Guy said...

Yeah, I already mailed him about those being posted on Kentucky Fried Wave. Nevertheless thanks for letting us know.