Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Elliott - 12" Singles

Ian Elliott, musician from Sheffield. 'Fake All Your Dreams' was quite popular in new wave circles in Belgium. This 12" has also been released on Himalaya with different sleeve.
Second 12" also released in Belgium, on Another Side. Here Elliott got help from Terry Todd (The Box) on bass and Nort (Hula) on drums.
Anyone knows more on Elliott ?

Fake All Your Dreams 12"
(Office Box-EBO T2-1983)
1. Fake All Your Dreams
2. Little Sister

Again I Lift You To My Heart Again 12"
(Another Side-8417-1984)
1. Again I Lift You To My Heart Again
2. Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

Elliott (re-up)


lo-fi jr. said...

Hey, are you sneaking into my record collection when I'm not home? 'Again I Lift...' is another longtime vinyl puzzlers of mine. Great tune, always liked using it as a mix-tape opener. I'd previously noted The Box connection (maybe a future posting... hint, hint?) but I know nothing 'bout who this Elliot cat was. Never knew there was another 12". Thanks once again for the enlightenment.

Curious Guy said...

Hey lo-fi jr., I haven't anything of The Box. Never heard them before and I think I should. I've always read that their albums were a letdown contrary to their live performances.

fnordboy said...

I'll chime in as well - the "Again I Lift . . ." 12" has been in my milk-crates for years, and the title track has shown up on more than a few mixtapes over the years. I seem to remember reading a review when it came out (who knows where - I was in L.A.) noting the Hula connection. I am assuming that is the reason I purchased the 12".

Anonymous said...



any of those would be a'right
The BOX stuff is just OK
they were better LIVE

Curious Guy said...

I'm So Hollow LP plus 7" can be found on Annie's Animal blog.
Complete output of Vice Versa can be found on Mutant Sounds. See links in sidebar.
I should post that 'first 15 minutes' comp. 7".
No Hula, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of getting The Box stuff uploaded on here. They were a great live band but the records weren't bad either.

KB said...

I produced Fake All Your Dreams under the name Earl Hi Fi
I was bass player in the Comsat Angels
I later went on to produce many records for over 20 years from Bowie to Finley Quaye to Plan B to The Pretenders etc but produced lots of Sheffield bands in the early 80s
The drummer was Anthony 'Titch' Critchlow who went on to be a founder member of 'Living In A Box'.
Ian was originally in a band called 'Graph' with Ian Burden later of mid period Human League.
It was recorded at Input Studios in Sheffield (long gone) - I think on 8 track TEAC tape machine
The label was owned by Sheffield Telegraph / Star journalist Martin Lilleker.

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the extra info Kevin. Still listen to The Comsat Angels from time to time. Way underappreciated!