Sunday, December 10, 2006

Circle X - Prehistory

Circle X formed in 1978 out of 2 punkbands, No Fun and the I-Holes. Originally located in Louisville, Kentucky, the band relocated to New York to take part in the no wave scene. A 7" called 'Heartbreaker' was released in 1979.
Circle X stayed in France for a while where they recorded a 4 track 12" for Celluloid in 1980. The band went back to NY to record the classic 'Prehistory' LP which was released in 1983 on Enigma/Index. It was later released on the French L'Invitation Au Suicide label.
Circle X went on to release more 7"s and a full length for Matador in the 90's.
For more on Circle X, check this Matador page here.

Prehistory LP (L'Invitation Au Suicide-SD 3-1984)
1. Current
2. Prehistory One
3. Prehistory Two
4. Culture Progress
5. Under World
6. Beyond Standard

Circle X


Slobodan Burgher said...

Thanks for yet another interesting post / band!

Anonymous said...

One of the best albums ever made. Art-punk at it's finest. Sadly, very few people know about this band.

Sioux'boy said...

Im' very interesting about it, but your link is dead...

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Curious Guy said...

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Curious Guy said...

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