Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Good Morning Mr. Presley

Well here's probably my last post for this year.
The 'Good Morning Mr. Presley' LP was released on Grunt Grunt A Go Go in 1985 (I think). It's a record that is not easy to find these days. It's like a cross section of UK indie bands from that period. Most bands appeared on labels like Abstract, Backs and In Tape. Some of the bands ring a bell like The Bomb Party, Marc Riley, Microdisney but there seems to be a few bands that only appear here as far as I know.
The record contains 2 live tracks: the one of Five Go Down To The Sea ? and one of The Botha Boys, who are no one else than The Three Johns off course.
Every compilation is a bit of a hit-or-miss so it's up to you which tracks you favour.
The Grunt Grunt A Go Go label only released 2 albums: this one and the 'It's My Dog, Maestro' LP of Eton Crop (Dutch band and friends of The Three Johns).
Cover art by Jon Langford.

V/A Good Morning Mr. Presley LP (Grunt Grunt A Go Go-GGAGG One-1985?)
1. Marc Riley With The Creepers - Poop Scoop
2. Yeah Yeah Noh - Crimplene Seed Lifestyle
3. The Bomb Party - Lifes A Bitch
4. The Janitors - The Devil Goes To Whitley Bay
5. The Botha Boys - English White Boy Engineer
6. Five Go Down To The Sea ? - Queen Grassy Arse
7. Microdisney - Pink Skinned Man
8. Les Garçons - Homo Kino
9. The Fire Hydrant Men - Baseball Bat
10. The Ordinaires - Virgo Intactica
11. Gee, Mr. Tracy ! - The Day The Shoes Bit Back
12. Ronnie Can You Hear Me ? - Chachis' Theme
13. The Finals - Quiet Time
14. Big & Beautiful - Stepping On My Heart
15. Laugh Away Rain - Love Stopped Shining

Good Morning Mr. Presley (new link)


Jay said...

Wow - what a great comp! This was completely off my radar when it originally came out. Thanks for posting it...and for posting the Three Johns...and the Marc Riley...and...OK, thanks for all of them!

Curious Guy said...

Hello Jay,
shared with pleasure! Expect more next year. Still have some Marc Riley, Yeah Yeah Noh and Five Go Down To The Sea ? in the pipeline.

Mark said...

I think this was put together in Norwich by a group of guys who worked behind in promoting the indie scene in the city at the time.

There are several Norwich bands on the compilation, including Ronnie Can You Hear Me?, a band made up of half of The Farmers Boys.

Also from Norwich, Gee Mr Tracy were big in Spain and toured there, besides making a live appearance on The Tube, introduced by Alexei Sayle.

Many of these bands had many additional releases on local label Backs Records.

Curious Guy said...

Mark, thanks for the extra info. Well the records on this label were distributed by Backs.
Would like to hear more of Gee Mr Tracy and The Fire Hydrant Men, but the records are very hard to find nowadays.

Anonymous said...

damn, this compo is a classic but the link is dead ;(

saw gee mr tracy supporting the 3 johns at the now long defunkt clarendon. cartoon suits n all - wonderful.

great blog, tho curiously missing A Witness

Curious Guy said...

If you want, I can re-up the comp. About A Witness: their album has been reissued so I won't post it. The Loudhailer Songs 12" is posted on YoungMossTongue (see link in sidebar).

Curious Guy said...

New link's up. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Monsieur Phoenix, I'm looking for a particular Yeah Yeah Noh track ("Trini Lopez") - it's the last piece of my YYN jigsaw & I'm having no luck whatsoever. I think it might've been on a Cordelia comp LP or something? Let me know if you can help... IBx

Curious Guy said...

Hello IBx,
yes it's indeed on one of those Cordelia comps (Obscure Independent Classic Volume 3). Don't have it sorry. These are quite expensive as well.
Good to know you're enjoying some stuff posted here.

Anonymous said...

Oh well! Keep eyes / ears peeled & I'll do the same... IBx

Anonymous said...

Having been at university of East Anglia inthe earlu eighties, I have this LP, but, I also have another LP by Gee Mr Tracey, Shoot the Sherbert, Herbert' Straight from the fridge Pops. Are you interested in a shufty?

Anonymous said...

any chance of re-upping this? it looks great. your blog is amazing by the way.

Curious Guy said...

Can't find it for the moment but if you can't wait, you can also get it here:
Thanks for the appreciation.

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

post-anin said...

hey, I found working link here:

and that's the link: