Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Collection Of Tracks

My last post before a short summer break. Here are some tracks that are missed on some anthology CD's or taken from compilations.

Ausgang - Solid Glass Spine
Taken from the double A side 7" Strip Me Down/Solid Glass Spine. This track doesn't appear on the Ausgang anthology CD.

The Danse Society - The Theme
Long, atmospheric track that appeared on the 12" version of 'Somewhere'. Doesn't appear on the 'The Seduction' CD which compiles all early and best releases. Two other songs were left out: 'There Is No Shame In Death' and 'Dolphins' but you can find that 12" on Wiel's Time Capsule (see link in sidebar)

Vex - Rushing To Hide
This track appears on the 'We Don't Want Your Fucking Law' comp. album released on Fight Back, a sublabel of Mortarhate.

Party Day - Borderline
This one appears on the 'Bites & Stabs' comp. LP released on Torment Records. Not featured on any other Party Day release.

Silent Scream - Shimmering
Also from the 'Bites & Stabs' comp. LP. Sounds quite different to their 7". Vocalist Anton and the keyboard player left the band so the bassplayer took over the vocals.

Monk De Wally De Honk - D-Day
Another track taken from 'Bites & Stabs'.

This Colossal Youth - Scissors-Stone
This one taken from the second compilation on Torment Records called 'Torn In Two'.

Masque - Seasons Changing
As above.

Another great band on both compilations is The Second Coming. Still looking for their 'The Return' 12", so I can post the complete discography.

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scrap iron said...

enjoy your summer break, sir.
thank you for your amazing posts thus far.

I have thoroughly enjoyed your work here.

see you soon.

J said...


Anonymous said...

once again, thank you for so many wonderful posts. have a great break but don't leave it too long ;)

Anonymous said...



Proxy 23 said...
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Proxy 23 said...

hey! nice blog :) I linked you to mine as we seem to have similar tastes in music.
thanks for that zip file too! :)
nice to meet you

Anonymous said...

Wow, someone got out the wrong side of the bed this morning...!

Anyhow, Mr. Hairpin, thanks for your posts! Thanks to you I'm discovering all sorts of interesting "new" music. Any chance of posting Danse Society's "Clocks/Continent"?

Have a good break! Frank

Unknown said...

Thanks again for your good work, excellent quality rips and scans of rare and amazing stuff.
I wish you a happy summer days.
I waiting for your return...
Cheers. ;)

Proxy 23 said...

I am looking into Bites and Stabs compilation as it really sounds like a good one! :)
will be uploading some "home made" compilations too so stay tuned :)

Anonymous said...

the ;ink is broken

Curious Guy said...

New link's up! Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Could you please reupload it? It seems the file has expired again..thanks.

Curious Guy said...

I'll re-up in the next few days, OK? I'll let you know.

Anonymous said...

OK...thanks again!

Curious Guy said...

New link's up! Enjoy.

CkoviNS said...

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Anonymous said...

Please, can you re-up again? Thanks