Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Rote Kapelle - San Francisco Again 12"

Cool indie noisepop from this Edinburgh band. They took their name from the German antinazi movement.
not much info to be found on Rote Kapelle. But if you like Shop Assistants or Janitors then you'll probably like Rote Kapelle too.
Their records aren't that easy to find but here's a discography. All releases on Marc Riley's In Tape label except the 'Big Smell Dinosaur' EP. I'm busy collecting them. Already have the 'It Moves...But Does It Swing?' MLP.
- Big Smell Dinosaur EP 7"
- These Animals Are Dangeroos 7"
- It Moves...But Does It Swing? MLP
- Fire Escape 7"
- San Francisco Again 12"
- No North Briton LP

San Francisco Again 12" (In Tape-IT054-1988)
1. San Francisco Again
2. Preacher Man Aural
3. You Don't Know
4. Fire Escape (Non-Dance Version)

San Francisco Again


Anonymous said...

Hi Curious Guy! Thanks for posting Rote Kapelle! Haven't hear about them since late 80's. "It moves but does it swing" was really a great work. I didn't buy it by then, and I'm still regreating it (anyway, it wasn't so easy to find it in Lisbon). They also have a theme in the compilation "Just a Mish Mash", also in In-Tape Records. I believe it is "These animals are dangerous", but I don't have the record here. Any possibility to post other records? By the way, great blog!!!
All the best!

Curious Guy said...

Hello Joao, at last someone who knows Rote Kapelle :)
I still need to rip the 'It Moves' album, but be sure that I'll post it at a later date.
'These Animals Are Dangerous' appears indeed on that comp. Was released as a 7". Don't have it for the moment.

Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying your blog for some time now and was especially excited to see Rote Kapelle make an appearance (the more In Tape and Ron Johnson-ish stuff the better--nobody seems to be getting around to reissuing it for real).

I'm writing, though, because I've always been frustrated by mediafire. The checking for viruses indicator comes up, but never goes away. This isn't just with links from your site, but others as well. Still, have you ever heard of someone's being unable to download from mediafire? I'm on an iMac and using Safari (with Norton security stuff running in the background).

Thanks again, Michael

Curious Guy said...

Hello Michael, sorry to hear this. Seems that every file hoster has it's own problems. I've swithced to mediafire 'cos quicksharing gave too much problems( uploading cut off too many times). But is it possible to download?
You're right about the Ron Johnson and In Tape releases. Seems only a handful of people still care about that stuff. But expect some more of these.

Highlander said...

Rote Kapelle bring back the memories of Edinburgh in the late 80's. Thanks for this curious guy, nearly bought it on eBay the other week!