Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Struggler - It Was A Very Long Conversation But At The End We Didn't Shake Hands LP

Requested by Noinim a while ago. Here's the sole full length of Struggler. Released on Not So Brave in 1982, this record contains slow to uptempo tracks with a load of diversity. Most songs are quite monotonous without being boring.
Recently found out a new and promising blog called No Longer Forgotten Music. There you can find both Struggler 7"s. These are very rare and sound more punky. Check this blog for more interesting music.

It Was A Very Long Conversation But At The End We Didn't Shake Hands LP (Not So Brave-NSB 002-1982)
1. Is It Worth ?
2. The Perfect End II
3. Persecute
4. Infinite
5. Where Are We Now ?
6. The Past Won't Burn
7. The Perfect End I
8. Obligation
9. Noise, What Noise ?
10. Emptiness



crayola said...

i've added your blog to my links now.
in case you didn't see my reply to your comment, i agree with you about the eton crop thing and i reckon it's the same situation for buy off the bar (just about my favourite dutch band).

433 RPM said...

dank voor de positieve woorden!

morgen vice!


Oliver / Cult Punk said...


Part 1's "Funeral Parade" 1982 EP, produced by Rudimentary Peni, at:

Excellent blog. Cheers.


bookface said...

just wanted you to know I added a link to your blog.
this is one of my favorite places to learn about new tunes so thank you!

Curious Guy said...

Oliver, tried already 2 times to leave a comment on your Part 1 post but without success. Thanks alot for posting the 7".I could also recommend Vex to you.

noinim said...

yessssssss, i wanted this!

Kevin said...

another great one. thanks for this!

Beathoven said...

I saw these guys live once together with Siglo XX, Red Zebra, De Brassers and Cultural Decay.That was the best concert (apart from Killing Joke and Cramps) I've ever seen.The room where they gigged was ever so dark and so were the visitors.I guess a Joy Division concert would have been the same.Thanks for this great underestimated record.The Perfect End!!

Curious Guy said...

Must have been a great gig Beathoven. The line-up is the cream of the crop of the Belgian cold wave bands. I was just a few years too young to see all those bands.
Did see Killing Joke the 1st time at Seaside Fest.

noinim said...

i found this LP for 5 US dollars the other day... i felt like i was stealing it! oh wellz, it's not my fault the seller neglected doing their research.

joy_div1976 said...

this is a great band! one of my favorites! id like to know if you have their cd called "Life Update+",
itd be great to hear it! anyway thank you very much! :)

Anonymous said...

any chance of a re-up of this?
This is great band and I've missed it

Geert Rox said...

Already posted since 2007 and only found it today - shame on me, but thanx to U

ORMUS said...

Amazing album, reposted here: