Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Eton Crop - Gay Boys On The Battlefield 12"

Great follow-up of the 'Six Silhouette Romances' 12" which I posted a while ago. This 12" was released on a small label of Amsterdam called Bigger Bank Balance. The other release is the 'Well Up And Bubble' comp. LP.
More Eton Crop in the future.

Gay Boys On The Battlefield 12" (Bigger Bank Balance Records-Balance 1-1984)
1. Gay Boys On The Battlefield
2. Roger Troudman
3. He Didn't Say Anything

Eton Crop


mrmagoomc4 said...

alright mate
fuckin having wild time looking through my boot legs ive got a last rites demo 20mns long if you want it ill upload the vex stuff for you n email the link ok.....
also ill put a pale shade of black=demo in for you as they were goth/punk ex self abuse from dorset...

Cristian said...

just wanted to thank you for the BEST music blog i ever encountered on the net. discovered it a week ago and i won't stop until i have listened to every one of this fantastic records! 70-80% bands i didn't knew... i still can't believe there were so many bands out there i never heard of and are now on my heavy rotation...

thank you SO much.

Curious Guy said...

Thanks cristian. Enjoy the music.

crayola said...

eton crop were top.
we should exchange links. my blog's here:


crayola x