Thursday, August 02, 2007

Rote Kapelle - It Moves...But Does It Swing? MLP

May Highlander enjoy his summer break. Here's another one of noisepop band Rote Kapelle from Edinburgh. Four tracks (1&2, 4&5) were recorded at Maida Vale in 1986 for their John Peel session. Two extra tracks were added.
If you enjoyed the 'San Francisco Again' 12", you'll surely like this one.
More Rote Kapelle in the future.
Anyone who could find a copy of their 'Fire Escape' 7" for me?

It Moves...But Does It Swing? MLP (In Tape-IT Forty Four-1987)
1. Marathon Man
2. Jellystone Park
3. Anna
4. Acid Face Baby
5. Sunday
6. You Don't Know

It Moves


Joao said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, THANNNNNNNNNNNNNK YOU!!!

P.S. Thank you!

Highlander said...

Thanks Curious Guy for the post and best wishes. Can't go wrong with more Rote Kapelle (i'll avoid banging on about living in Edinburgh). I'm back now and will get some music up over the weekend.

malk said...

Hey Hey. I wish I'd found these blogs before now. How interesting, Rote Kapelle. Thanks for all the great comments. The discocgraphy under "San fransisco again" is complete, and that is it except for 1 song that was recorded at the same time as "Anna" (originally entitled Anna Kuari), called Gearge (never released) and 2 4 track demos recorded before the Big Smell Dinosaur EP. From ex bass player of Rote Kapelle.

Curious Guy said...

Hello Malk, thanks for stopping by. Hope you don't mind posting the records. I'm planning to post the 7"s very soon. Had a hard time finding the 'Fire Escape' 7".
All the best.

malk said...

No objections whatsoever. I'm actually quite chuffed at people taking an interest in music that I started making almost 22 years ago. Nice one. Thanks. Mal.

malk said...

Nice to see the first single again. Haven't dug it out of a record box for many years. It was indeed self released and the only reason for that was that we couldn't get anybody, at the time, to release one of our records. So we did it ourselves.
There was only 500 copies of these pressed and each sleeve was coloured in by hand by a member of the band. At least there were six of us to get the job done!.

Anonymous said...

"Jellystone", "Marathon Man", "Acid face Baby" and "Sunday" were recorded for a John Peel session. The producer was Dale griffin who used to play drums in Mott the Hoole (!) but he pretty much handed the session over to an engineer. I'm not sure these four songs were done as well as they could have been. Still - cool to have done a Peel session. JM

Curious Guy said...

All Rote Kapelle posts have new HQ rips. Check 'em out!

Anonymous said...

Dank u!