Sunday, November 18, 2007

From Divshare to Zshare

I'm planning to remove all Divshare links and replace them with Zshare links. Tried some downloads myself and some would take more than 2 hours. Horrible service! Hope to do most this week. Unfortunately, Zshare doesn't allow multi-uploads, so it's one at the time.
New Zshare links:
In Excelsis - 12"s
Trial LP
Lives Of Angels LP
The Midnight Choir both 12"s
Nervous Gender
Ausgang A-Go-Go
Stiff Kittens


Anonymous said...

Wierd. Find zShare , and especially Badongo & Sendspace too slow to use. Div Share fine for me. Any how, thanks for the great work. Any Crosstalk AV or Spadiet Dive?

Curious Guy said...

Yeah that's strange. Maybe I should keep both links up then.

Zombs said...

I like it your blog

I added to my blog

annie's animal said...

yes sometimes divshare is too slow.
Send them a email maybe there is a bug or something. But divshare is fine for me...
Some times i have problems with mediafire. For example i am trying to download Pigbros lp from your blog and i can not. They also delete files without a warning as they said to their faq.
Unfortunately we can not use only one service. Bytheway zhare is also good for me. The problem is that they keep the files only for 2 months.Try gives 5gb free space to upload and share.

Curious Guy said...

I'll never use mediafire again annie. I'll check the Pigbros LP and re-up ASAP. I'll check 4shared too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, just discovered your blog, and there's some stuff on here I'd really love to hear. Hope, you're able to get things up again soon! :)

frankie teardrop said...

so strange, i haven't gotten complaints about divshare as of yet either...

Anonymous said...

Guys anyone have stiff kittens-eternal blue lyrics??plz help me

Highlander said...

what happened with mediafire curious guy? I haven't had a problem yet other than a few deletes.

Curious Guy said...

Hello anon, don't have the lyrics for Eternal Blue. Not printed on the sleeve so you'll need to listen very closely.

Paul The Bastard said...

Hi Curious Guy. I love your blog! Most of the music is way before my time but it's great to be able to listen to stuff that would probably be lost forever if it wasn't for blogs like this.

I came across Flue's first 7'' if it's of any interest to you:


Slobodan Burgher said...

Yeah, I've noticed the slowness on Divshare too - which is very annoying when someone sends me zines for and I want to download before posting but then each download takes 2 hours or disconnects and all sorts of things. Weird. Didvsahre used to be best I think. Oh well. I keep using whatever is fastest at the time...

On that Acid LP bytheway, I am uploading the Japanese comp "get back the discharged arrow" tomorrow for the blog and I think the Acid songs may be same as the second LP? If not you are as always very welcome to upload it!!!

Ok, be well,


Curious Guy said...

Hey Paul, thanks for the Flue 7". Much appreciated.
Slobo, will do the Acid LP ASAP. Still need to rip it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, is super fast for me.

They did a major hardware and network upgrade a few weeks ago.

No download limits and file deletions.


7inchcrust said...

i rarely had problems with Divshare, sometimes my connection sucks and even rapidshare is slow and in such cases divshare sucks too. Bandogo is slow and mediafire deletes files. zshare is ok but you can not have account there and can not check all files together, try its the best

i didn't check the newest post comments so i apologize if what i wrote here is simply needless.. :/

Aaron said...

Why not try out which is like zshare but I guess it's much better because you can zip your videos, photos or audios (upto 100mb) and then upzilla will automatically unzip, create a playlist then make them playable in its media player. It's pretty cool. It can also stream documents like pdf, doc, excel, etc.

Iain said...

For 'Anon'... Eternal Blue

"I remember the night you kissed me,
and left me wanting.
I remember the night you left me,
sinking into the black.
All your heart and all your charm
and the lies you said would do you harm
the days we ran and the nights we cried,
hiding our true hearts inside.

Into the blue, into the deep, into the blue for you and me to watch the sunrise, from beneath the sea.

I remember the days I spent with you you taught me love you told me how.
Now we lie we lie alone, it's too late to touch them now.
all your heart and all your time and the chance to love you left behind.
The ones who held you in their arms
lay there now eternal calm.

You were the one who left me,
but I soon found my path to stray
you were the one who turned your back,
pushed my dreams away, away."

Happy days indeed.