Saturday, November 17, 2007

V/A The Young And The Free 10"

Don't let the awful cover fool you. It's actually a gimmick scratch'n'sniff sleeve.
This 10" contains 4 rather unknown postpunk/synth bands, each with two tracks.
Vietnamese Rose play postpunk with a 60's psyche feel. They also have a 7" on the same label as this comp.
Experiments With Ice is probably the most wellknown as they released an album on Experimental Records, a side label of United Dairies. One synthpop and one experimental synth track. Mutant Sounds posted the album.
Couldn't find any info on Stranger Comforts. Not that exciting of which one track is a version of the Rolling Stones classic.
Active Restraint is way better. Did find out that both tracks were released on a 7" on Upright Records.

V/A The Young & The Free 10" (Luna Records-Moon LP1-1982)
1. Vietnamese Rose - The Young And The Free
2. Experiments With Ice - Heaven
3. Stranger Comforts - Walking On Air
4. Active Restraint - Turns Out Roses
5. Vietnamese Rose - Curtains You
6. Experiments With Ice - Tin Man
7. Stranger Comforts - Paint It Black
8. Active Restraint - Terror In My Home

The Young And The Free


Anonymous said...

Hello. The Active Restraint 7" was actually on The Sticky Label (not Upright Records). Sticky also put out Another Dream, Data Control & Underground World 7". I was the guitarist with AR & we later became The Mighty Lemon Drops with a different drummer ! Check out the myspace page ! That's it ! DN

Curious Guy said...

Thanks a lot for all the info, DN. Guess I found some wrong info on the Active Restraint 7". Pre-The Mighty Lemon Drops... who could guess?
I've heard of the Another Dream 7" but the other 2 I never heard of and I can't find any references on the net on Data Control and Underground World. I know that punkband Stench did a 7" on The Sticky Label as well.

Johan Dahlfors said...

Great stuff! Are these bands members of the Sheffield music scene? The sound reminds me about certain bands from the post-punk scene there.

Thanks for sharing!

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!