Sunday, November 11, 2007

In Excelsis - 12"s

Back from a short break with a massive post on In Excelsis. As already mentioned, In Excelsis had Spon of UK Decay and two members of Ritual.
Already posted the 'Prey' LP, here are the three 12"s the band released. First two on Jungle Records, the third and rarest was self-released.
And for those who want some more In Excelsis, John at Punks On Postcards posted the Peel Session, which he recorded on tape from the radio. Worth checking out.

Carnival Of Damocles 12" (Jungle Records-JUNG 9-1983)
1. The Sword
2. Vows (Initiation)
3. One Man's Heaven
4. Carnival Of The Gullible

Ladder Of Lust 12" (Jungle Records-JUNG 13-1984)
1. Window Of Innocence
2. Bonanza
3. Love Lies
4. Hidden Touch

Creeps In The Trees 12" (In X Records-In X 1-1984)
1. One Day
2. Eve
3. Fire

In Excelsis


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