Friday, November 30, 2007

The Underlings - 12"s

I guess that regular visitor Roman Empire will be pleased to see this. Here's the rest of the discography of The Underlings.
As stated before, The Underlings are actually The S-Haters.
The 'That Little Girl' 12" resembles alot to the 'White Noise' 12" of The S-Haters.
The 'Centurion' 12" was the final release as the band already split up. The title track is over 7 minutes long but one of the best songs they ever did.

That Little Girl 12" (Midnight Music-DONG 23-1986)
1. That Little Girl
2. Lemon Drops
3. King Leech
4. Resolutions Crack

Centurion 12" (Midnight Music-DONG 35-1987)
1. Centurion
2. Life Under Gold
3. Rusted Lips



majorvictory said...

Hi. Great posts here, i'd like to grab some. What is the password, please? TYVM.

Curious Guy said...

No password necessary majorvictory.

Oliver / Cultpunk said...

Wow, thanks os much for posting this! Good stuff, as always.

Anonymous said...

Can I put a request? The Human Condition ft. Jah Wobble & Jim Walker
from PIL. I only know it as a casette. Thanks anyway, great blog.

Roman Empire said...

Unbelievable. Christmas comes quite early this year ... A request fulfilled before I even asked for it! Thank you so much and please keep on keeping on!!!

Toxxy said...

I just wanna say THANK YOU for running a great blog and for these Underlings releases, great stuff!

Butchered Noise said...

Hello ,

GREAT BLOG!! IT RULES SO HARD!!! Was this link discontinued? I'm really interested in hearing these 2 MLP. Thanks again no matter what this blog is ultimate!!

Curious Guy said...

Hi there, new link's up. Enjoy! I also re-upped the Fatal Purpose album if you need it. Looking forward to the releases on your label. Looks promising.

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

zuiop said...

solidfiles wants me to download an exe.

Curious Guy said...

You need to click on "direct download link". Should work.

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!