Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hail - Gypsy Cat & Gypsy Bird LP

Hail from Denver, Colorado are Bob Drake and Susanne Lewis. Both were members of art rock band Thinking Plague.
Hail is actually the second collaboration of Bob and Susanne. The first one was as Corpses As Bedmates who released the 'Venus Handcuffs' LP on Dead Man's Curve. Hail follows the same path as Corpses As Bedmates. The song 'I'll Lead You' is re-recorded for this album. The original song appeared on the 'Music From The Deadzone 2' comp. album.
A second album 'Turn Of The Screw' was released in 1990 on ReR Megacorp, a sublabel of Recommended Records. And a new album was made last year. Check Bob Drake's website for more info. Strange that this album isn't mentioned and/or re-released.

Susanne Lewis also worked with experimentalists Biota and 5uu's.
Bob Drake lives In Southern France these days and has his own studio.

Gypsy Cat & Gypsy Bird LP (Prolific Music-P8288-1988)
1. March Deluge
2. This Is Reality
3. Suspended
4. Night Long
5. Star In The Sky
6. Storm Of Dirty Minds
7. Down The Road
8. With Pleasure
9. Dream For Years
10. I'll Lead You
11. (Meow)
12. Delusion
13. I Can Fly

Link removed by request of Susanne Lewis.


roman empire said...

thanks for this new up! very nice.
a question: i noticed that you removed "schleimer k - wounded wood lp" from the request list. does this mean it's available somewhere?
by the way: the 12inch fugitive kind by schleimer k that you still have on the list can be found at mutant sounds.
keep on keeping on!

Curious Guy said...

Yes, got the Wounded Wood in a few days ago. About Fugitive Kind: 2 tracks were ripped at 96 kbps which is very poor quality so I'm looking for a better copy.
Have a nice weekend!

Paul The Bastard said...

Hi Curious Guy

Here's a link to a title you wanted:

I think it's pretty self-explanatory! :-)



Susanne Lewis said...

Hello -

Someone pointed me to your bog.

Although I appreciate that you featured Hail Gypsy Cat & Gypsy Bird on your site,
I'm not happy that you are offering free music files of the album.
Hail is still an active band, I'm the songwriter, and I'm not making any sort of fortune off my
music although I work very hard doing I really really really do not want my music out
there without my knowledge or consideration and especially offered for free.
So I would really appreciate it if you would take down the music files immediately.

Thank you,

Susanne Lewis

Curious Guy said...

No problem. I never post music which is still available and this album is quite hard to find these days. But it's your music so you have the right to ask. I remove links when albums get reissued.

All the best,

roamin' roman empire said...

@ curious guy:

i hope this means that you are going to up the wounded wood lp.
can't await to hear the brilliant title track again. it will send shivers down my spine like it did when i first heard it in 1984.
please please please release this soon!

& thank you so much for all the great music!

Curious Guy said...

Roman Empire, Wounded Wood coming very soon.
Paul The Bastard, thanx for the link but this one I already posted a long time ago. It's their first 7" I'm looking for.

Anonymous said...

i don't know if susanne lewis is going to check back here, but i'd like to point out to her that all she has done by complaining about the post of this album is to make the music inaccessible to people that might like to hear it. you will certainly never hear it on the radio. if the album were in print, or if she offered the songs on cdr, or had a sample on her website, or if there was a reasonable likelihood of finding a secondhand copy, i could understand it. but no.

this approach just seems like shooting yourself in the foot. perhaps she herself no longer likes the record and wants to prevent it from circulating? i have to wonder how bob drake feels about having his work suppressed like this.

plus, it certainly seems hypocritical for her to complain about PH posting her album, when her own website links to other blogs that post old records without the express permission of the artists.

i enjoyed the two hail records i found some years ago, but must say that the attitude ms. lewis expresses in her comment has soured my view of her work.

CG, it's awfully nice of you to link to her website, anyhow.


Curious Guy said...

Well I was also a bit surprized with it but there's nothing I can do about it. It's a nice album but unfortunately way out of print. Nobody benefits from it anyway.
Would like to know Bob Drake's opinion myself too.
I always had positive reactions from (ex-)members who made no objection posting their OOP records.
Thanks for the comment.

noinim said...

She's taken the same approach with the Cage Of Reason (an old band of hers) footage found on youtube. To me, her abrupt request for removal seems somewhat intrusive, if not totally pompous and unappreciative. Is she ashamed of her past works? You know her and Bob recently re-released the Corpses As Bedmates material, but for some reason they decided to change the bands name to Venus Handcuffs. What's that all about?

Anonymous said...

ey, I need "Turn of the Screw". Gimme it pleez! Dont disturb here please Susanne!

Anonymous said...

just randomly got a physical copy of this LP and was just trying to gather some information about it, after seeing that post by susanne i don't even wanna listen to it. stupid shit man