Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Paranoia - Shattered Glass LP

Thanks to Capa Nostra Syndicate for this album. It's quite hard to find so I'm happy to finally be able to give it a listen.
Yes, Paranoia is a punkband. They were from Stoke-On-Trent. Some songs are straightforward punk, others have a darker sound, crossing over to goth. And female vocals are always a plus.
Prior to this album, there's the Dead Man's Dreams/Man In Black 7". Both songs appear on the album but maybe the songs on the 7" are different versions.
Paranoia also appeared on several Rot Records compilation albums although all tracks are from the album.
Paranoia have a MySpace page. Thanks Oliver for pointing that out. There you can listen to some later unreleased songs which are even more into the goth direction.
Let's hope that this band gets the proper reissue treatment.

Shattered Glass LP (Rot Records-ASS 11-1984)
1. Dead Mans Dreams
2. Disillusion
3. 1984
4. Vietnam
5. Graveyards Of Hell
6. Shattered Glass
7. Rock Revolution
8. Man In Black
9. The Gig
10. My World

Shattered Glass


Fritz die Spinne said...

Danke Vielmals!

You are keeping me busy, V.!

Have done quite a few updates to my music files list:

English Paul said...

Nice One!!!

Oliver / Cultpunk said...

Thanks or providing this! I knew you'd come through!

Good stuff.

Capa Nostra said...

Glad you post it ! I finally start my blog in spanish by the way, but expect to find some great albums there..so welcome to visit. Just posted Trop Tard's Photodrames album, check it out !


Вадим Барсов said...

Can You reload link ? Thank You

Curious Guy said...

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Simon Egginton said...

Howdy. Me is Simon Egginton, son of the vocalist and bass player of Paranoia. Ive made a Paranoia Facebook page titled Paranoia UK. Stop by and give us a like. And i can confirm that Paranoia are getting back in the studio soon!!

jolicoeur said...

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Curious Guy said...

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