Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fire Hydrant Men - Missed It By That Much! MLP

Full name of the band is 'Fire Hydrant Men featuring the Fabulous Fezettes'.
Not alot of info to be found on them. This is their sole release. Issued on Norwich label Backs.
Member Brick later joined Gee Mr Tracy. Other band members later in The Pitkins.
Great song titles by the way.
One song of them can also be found on the 'Good Morning Mr. Presley' comp. LP (see archive).

Missed It By That Much! MLP (Backs-NCH MLP3-1985)
1. I Met My Baby At The Party Conference
2. 99 Years In Sing-Sing
3. I'm In The Pits Since My Racing-Driver Baby Left Me
4. My Little Sailor Boy
5. Five Hours To Mr Right
6. Honey-Bee Sting
7. Mayday In Moscow

Fire Hydrant Men


megane said...

thank you for sharing
I love fire hydrant men

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this
Top drawer lp from a great time to live in the great city of Norwich.
Some magic blurry memories


Chris said...

Great stuff, thanks. I don't suppose anyone out there can help me track down their classic "Baby I'm A U-Boat" - I've been searching for that for years

Curious Guy said...

Hi Chris, do you know where that song appears or did they never recorded it in the studio?

Anonymous said...

Here's a view of them:

Anonymous said...

It is on V.A.-Music From The East Zone 12inch. Don't have or I would upload it but here is the link to pictures of the cover.

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the link and sleeve pix. So it's on this one that "Baby, I'm A U-Boat" is on. Will have to look for it now.

fez said...


This is Fez ex of the Fire Hydrant Men.Can't believe it's over 20 years ago that we did these recordings.
Glad you like them.


Curious Guy said...

Hello Fez,
thanks for leaving a comment here. Well it seems some people still appreciate the things you did so many years ago.
All the best with what you're doing these days.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing them play in Chaplefield Gardens band stand one Saturday lunchtime in 1983/84 A Fine City all round, except for the football, Norwich lost to Leicester that afternoon.

David said...

Great to hear this stuff again!
Has anyone out there got a copy of the lyric sheet to 'Missed It By That Much'? I'm sure they were issued with the album, but mine didn't have one. I also think there's a Fire Hydrant Men track called 'Oh No, Not Another Night In NATO' on a VA compilation called Obscure Independent Classics (I forget which volume).

Anonymous said...

The link is dead, alas... I had this LP many years ago, bought it in used-LP store in Moscow - there was no info on this group, I just heard it in the store and bought immediately.
Then it was lost when I moved to another country, I miss it so much...

Curious Guy said...

New link anon. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Wow! thank you so much. I do enjoy

Anonymous said...

I found some bootleg! with 'Oh No, Not Another Night In NATO' and many more (total time: 22.37)

direct link:

on site:

Curious Guy said...

New link for Fire Hydrant Men.

post-anin said...

new link:

check also this bootleg from
The Norwich Peaceful Green Fair (23.07.1983)

post-anin said...

there is some more info:

and also don't miss that pretty videoclip:

post-anin said...

I try to put all the songs of this great band here:

at the moment I don't have only two songs:
-Baby I'm a U-Boat
-Oh No Not Another Night in NATO

if you have, please contact me.