Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Shark Taboo - The Cage EP 12"

Here's the 12" that was released before the 'Seeds Of A Lunatic' album I posted a while ago.
The title track also appears on the album but is slightly remixed. Here's the original version. The tracks on side B are exclusive.
Got one comment on the album which states that bass player Suzi Webb was also in The Slits.
Front woman Gill Dye works for theatre these days.
As with the album, expect some nice goth wave with socio-critical lyrics. 'Cage' is an anti-vivisection song.
I'm still missing one of their early 7"s but when I obtain it, I'll post them some time later.

The Cage EP 12" (Lambs To The Slaughter-LTS 3-1985)
1. Cage
2. Pulse In Time
3. Scrap Heap



soundhead said...

you may already have these, but i posted some Guerre Froide releases. I thought of your blog when I heard this band.


Curious Guy said...

Hello Soundhead, yes I got these already some time ago from another blog (I think Lost-In-Tyme). Anyway will add a link to your blog.

frankie teardrop said...

i have a full length from shark taboo on the way soon, if you'd like me to post it. this EP is pretty great.

Anonymous said...

Request: NEW MATH - Gardens (Brain Eater) 1984.

Just discovered this blog. Excellent posts.

Fantasma said...

I LOVE this blog.. Thanxxx
Can you please post any X-ray pop.. If you have any.


Capa Nostra said...

Thanks for this stuff !
I was wondering if "feel the width" from cassandra complex was finally ripped? I'd really like to give it a listen.

Greetings !

Curious Guy said...

Can't help with the New Math 7".
Fantasma, I'm looking for some X-Ray-Pop as well.
Capa, Feel The Width is already ripped but I need to upload different files. I promise to post it this month!

Capa Nostra said...

Great! No rush, just take your time with C.C.
About fantasma's X-Ray Pop request, i have a couple of albums...let me know if you're interested.

Jim Barker said...

I saw Shark Taboo in about 1981 or something. They played at Basingstoke Technical College. They were supported by a band called Black Easter, I think. Somewhere I have pictures of the gig in a student magazine, edited by Elizabeth Hurley. How strange is this life?!

Anonymous said...

hi! does anybody have the lyrics for "cage"?

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!