Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sperm Wails - flexi/12"/7"

Let's start the new month with some noisy stuff.
Sperm Wails were from London. Couldn't find much info on the band but if you dig the bands on Ron Johnson then I think you'll like Sperm Wails as well. I think they shared the stage with bands from that 'scene'.
All records were released on their own Spurt Records. There is a mention of a fourth release, a 2-track 12". Searched the net for it but nothing came up so I think it wasn't released.
Drumster Elvina Flower later played for Headbutt and is now in Hot Pant.
The 'The Golden Age Of The Carry On' 7" comes on white vinyl and contains a booklet on Carry On films.
No dates mentioned on the records but all were released in the late 80's.

Found this song on YouTube from the Shelter video compilation. This song doesn't appear on any of their records but can be found on the Fridge Freezer comp. 7" which I will post later.

Grim/Stroke 7" flexi (Spurt Records-SPURT 000-198?)
1. Cheryl Playthings
2. I Found Gold
3. Old Rockers

Boy Hairdresser 12" (Spurt Records-SPURT 002-198?)
1. Boy Hairdresser
2. The Golden Age Of The Casual
3. Old Rockers Never Die (They Live Forever On The Guest List)

The Golden Age Of The Carry On 7" (Spurt Records-SPURT 003-198?)
1. The Golden Age Of The Carry On
2. The Golden Age Of The C.A.S.U.A.L.

Sperm Wails (new link)


jove moix said...

i remember watching this video on youtube and going nuts!!! this is really great :D thanks for this post. i was looking for more stuff of this band and now, thanks to your lovely blog, i am able to listen to them. many thanks!

just now i am going to download it... noisy time today :)


Anonymous said...

many thanks. good band, i saw them play with (the even better)playground in camden way back when.

Curious Guy said...

Glad I could help Jove Moix. I made a link to your blog as well.
I have one 7" of Playground (Seeking The Truth). Haven't played it for years so I need to check it out again.

jove moix said...

many thanks curious guy!

been following your blog since quite a few time ago. guess i started when you posted the wonderful first single by uk decay -gosh, car crash is such a jewel!- and downloading almost anything on it. don't know why i didn't write you before saying how pretty amazing is your blog :o

gosh, can't believe you did a link to jove moix blog -it's sooo amateurish...

keep blogging and doing so lovely project!

lots of love,

Anonymous said...

playground failed to capture their essence on record & the seeking the truth 7" is not great. not until they became splintered did they really find themselves.

Anonymous said...

great band..^^ Thanks..
your blog it's awesome!! always the best bands.
I been looking for music of the germany band Gosthing and i don't have lucky.
Do you have any 7"?

well.. thank you

English Paul said...

Nice One Curious - saw these guys (and gal) several times including support slots with The Telescopes, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Live Skull, The Membranes and the mighty Silverfish. How's about some Silverfish or Th' Faith Healers ?

Curious Guy said...

Lucciana, never heard of Ghosting. I may ask Fritz about it.
English Paul, thanks for the comment. Sorry don't have any Silverfish. Don't have any Th'Faith Healers on record as well but I found their Too Pure releases on Emusic.

coach_mcguirk said...

What a magnificent band this lot were. And thank you SO much for posting the flexi - I have the 12 and the 7, but I've never found the flexi in good condition or for a decent price.

And I would be forever grateful if you posted Lady Chatterley as well, which is gloriously demented.

Thanks again!


Fritz die Spinne said...

Hey CG, cool. I've got to look and see what I have on this band. May be that single you need.

Lucciana, I have a CD by Ghosting. Sort of reminds me of those nightbreed UK bands of the 90's.

Phil Long said...

I'm pretty certain the "Carry On" single came out in late 1987 - I bought a copy in Camden that Christmas.

Anonymous said...

here written The Golden Age Of The Carry On & Boy Hairdresser released in 1989 ;)

Novemberer said...

Awesome stuff! I've still got all this stuff stashed away on original vinyl (& flexi!) but it's g.r.e.a.t. to finally be able to hear it all on my iPod (fantastic bus jurney listening!). Never managed to see them live sadly, I wonder if anybody has any tapes...?

Anonymous said...

Somewhere have a tape full of unreleased tracks, awesome stuff gutted as no idea were it is also have their 1st release which was a a tape that had a track called Guitar beater? which is exactly what steve used to do - this was before Elvina joined as a drummer might try and find them in the new year now.......

Curious Guy said...

Sounds interesting. Let me know if you've found the tape.

Anonymous said...

Will do!

Anonymous said...

Heard they're releasing a new single soon !

Anonymous said...

Just seen a live gig of Sperm Wails on youtube. Excellent!


Anonymous said...

Sperm Wails live gig is

dbini said...

i used to know a postman from Nottingham called Jimbo who wrote a couple of fanzines - can't remember what the first one was called, but he called his next project Hip Replacement. he gave me a copy of the grim/stroke flexi. i think he was involved with the distribution somehow. Jimbo was the bloke who used to throw bits of paper at Primal Scream.

Anonymous said...

Jimbo's 1st zine was Blank Reception used to go to gigs with him and did a a few interviews with bands for it he got the ripping up paper from the Membranes