Friday, March 14, 2008

Leitmotiv - Big Money 12"

Here's a contribution from Nico of Madrid.
The 'Big Money' 12" was the last release of Sheffield band Leitmotiv. This one issued as one of the early releases of Ediesta.
Quite different from their early material. Way more poppy with funky bass.
For more Leitmotiv, check Annie's Animal here. There you can find the rest of their discography (Caress & Curse MLP, To The Suffering 7", Silent Run 7" and Say Remain 12"). The early records are great goth/postpunk stuff. Their sound changed with the 'Say Remain' 12".
Leitmotiv records are pretty hard to find and hardly turn up for sale unfortunately.

Nico would also like to get in contact with the person who uploaded the Kiss The Blade 12"s. If possible, leave an email address, OK? (still need cover scans). He's desperately looking for copies of these.

Big Money 12" (Ediesta-CALC 02-1986)
1. Big Money
2. Tell Me
3. In The Crowd

Big Money (new link)


mug said...

Thanks! I thought I had everything by them... I never even knew about this one. Ah well, wrong again! Looking forward to hearing it.

Highlander said...

Yup thanks Nico and is that you back to Mediafire curious guy?

Curious Guy said...

It's the original upload link of Nico. Normally I use zshare.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the downloadlink is no longer present. Is there a Way to upload it again?

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!