Sunday, December 17, 2006

Look Back In Anger

And here's another not so well known, female fronted goth band. Formed in 1981, Look Back In Anger were from Southampton and did a lot of gigs together with bands like the Sex Gang Children, Play Dead, Blood & Roses and Brilliant.
Their first release is the self produced 'Caprice/Mannequin' 7". In 1983 the band released a cassette only single 'Foxhunt/Life's Dispute'. In this year Look Back In Anger went on tour as support for Death Cult.
The band almost had a contract with Expulsion Records but the label collapsed. They managed to release 2 records for the cult Criminal Damage label.
The 'Caprice' MLP was produced by Billy Duffy (Theatre Of Hate, Death Cult).

Flowers 12" (Criminal Damage-CRI 12-107-1984)
1. Flowers
2. Inamorata
3. Torment

Caprice MLP (Criminal Damage-CRI MLP-118-1984)
1. Grey Sky
2. Silent Partner
3. Executioner
4. Torment
5. The Dark
6. Inamorata

Look Back In Anger


English Paul said...

You have a killer record collection. Thanks for sharing the vinyl that I haven't heard in so long. What's next ?. Blood & Roses ?. Brigandage ?. Martian Dance ?.

Highlander said...

Couldn't agree with English Paul more. Found your site by searching for Inca Babies - I have the first three albums and was a bit disappointed the CD didn't cover more ground. I have a very similar 80's vinyl collection (would recommend Belfegore) and was wondering if you are using a USB turntable to convert to mp3's as that is the way I was thinking of going?

Curious Guy said...

Thank you both for the appreciation.
highlander, I just connect my turntable through my stereo onto my PC. I also use magix to eliminate as much vinyl noise as possible.
Belfegore is a band I still need to have some records from. There's still enough records that I want to achieve. Collecting records seems to be endless...

Anonymous said...

I love this band. Is there any more material by them? And where are they now?

Curious Guy said...

Well there's the Caprice/Mannequin 7" as well as the Foxhunt cassette single but I don't have these.
Jim Newby later joined The Fifteenth (see elsewhere on this blog) and the singer auditioned for the later Skeletal Family but it didn't work out. She did some backing vocals for The Cult and Balaam And The Angel.

Sean said...

Hey guys,

posted on the Fifteenth part of this blog


Sean (formerly Jim Newby)

Anonymous said...

Your record collection is a treasure, but why do bloggers keep using has turned into complete garbage !

Curious Guy said...

I know but I use another filehost for a few months now, after mediafire suspended my account. I only re-up when people ask for it.

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for this. I particularly enjoy the talents of the lead vocalist.


Unknown said...

Hi there, I have uploaded Look Back In Anger, The Fifteenth and Splashpool stuff to my Soundcloud page - releases/demos/live and will be uploading more as I transfer it from tape etc. There is also live stuff by DOLLS and Kenelis, both bands I really like. It's all here: