Friday, January 19, 2007

Ausgang - Manipulate LP

Here's another lesser known goth band although Ausgang gets more recognition these days. The band even resurrected in 2001. Originally formed in 1982 as Kabuki (one 7" release), the band released two 12"s and one 7" on Criminal Damage Records. As the label folded, Ausgang got signed to FM Records, a metal label. One 12", 'Hunt Ya Down' and this LP was released on this label, that didn't know how to market the band. Ausgang became Ausgang A-Go-Go and released another 12" and mini album on their own Shakedown label.
Ausgang are a great postpunk band with Stooges and Birthday Party influences.
There is an anthology CD available on Anagram but almost half of the tracks of the 'Manipulate' LP were omitted. The album came with a booklet but my copy is missing this gem.
Official site of Ausgang here.

Manipulate LP (FM Records-WKFM LP 52-1985)
1. Fat Vigilante
2. Pressed To Your Breast
3. Head On
4. Pumping Heart
5. Hope In Our Wake
6. Your Role Is To Tease As You Roll In The Lens
7. 4 Tin Doors
8. Girl Gristle
9. This Is Where I Was Meant To Fall
10. That Heat
11. Let Me Say, Then Have It Your Own Way
12. Crawling The Walls



English Paul said...

YES YES YES !!! Thank you

Highlander said...

Another outstanding post - it is on my (long) list of 'things to do' to convert this LP myself so thanks Curious Guy, I can cross it off my list. I agree that the CD was a missed opportunity to re-release the entire back catalogue as there are a couple of 12" B-Sides and others missing aswell. My copy has the booklet so, if I ever decide to offload the album, you are more than welcome to it foc for all the quality music you keep putting up.

barbelith said...

i saw ausgang on numerous occasions - what an incredble live band they were. i agree totally with the previous posts - the comp is such a missed opportunity. this is a great album (as is their 2nd)

John Liedown said...

Brilliant post. Cheers for this.

lo-fi jr. said...

First off, thanks once again for all the postings of bands I either felt all alone in my love for or had totally forgotten how much I dug back in the day. Your mentioning of reissue missed opportunities reminded me of a Artery CD I found recently. I loved their early 7" and EPs, but this disc only covers their vastly inferior later pop period. Any chance that you've got a copy of Big Machine in the vaults?

Anonymous said...

I talked to one of the members over the computer once. I told him that I didn't understand where their music got coined as deathrock/goth. He replied," As one of your country men once told me that we are to rock to be goth, and to arthouse to be punk."

d. said...

Dear PH, could you please re-upload Ausgang rips? 3 more wishes: (1) Red Lorry Yellow Lorry 12"s 1983-86, (2) Later output of the Three Johns 1987-1990, (3) Belfegore. Thanks. Regards, d.

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

d. said...

Thanks CG. I did enjoy it! Some magic/filth was lost in the mid 1980s studio environment but I am intrigued by what I've heard. Please, re-upload other records + Criminal Damage 12"s if you got them.

Curious Guy said...

I'll do if I have some time. Be patient.