Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Another request by English Paul.
Here's the one and only vinyl release of Brigandage. Brigandage started in 1982 in London as 'the next Sex Pistols'. The band got thrown in with the posi-punk scene although musically, their roots go back to 77 punk. Line-up was constantly changing although Michelle and Richard North were steady members. Some ex-members went on to play with Christian Death, Altered States and Daisy Chainsaw.
I must admit that, after hearing their contribution to the 'The Whip' comp., I was a little disappointed. But the record started to grow on me after a few listens. Their comp. track is probably the best Brigandage ever did.
Before this album, Brigandage released the 'FYM' tape on their own Fuck Off Records.

Visit Brigandage here.
Another Brigandage tribute page on Punkettes here.

Pretty Funny Thing MLP (Gungho-GHLP 001-1986)
1. Pretty Funny Thing
2. One Touch
3. Ripped & Torn
4. Horsey Horsey
5. I Need Something Pt. 1
6. I Need Something Pt. 2
7. Angel Of Vengeance

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John Liedown said...

We'll give it another go. I was dissapointed when this came out as well & sold it. I remember the Peel Session being quite good though & i've still got that in a box somewhere I think.

highlander said...

Another quality posting Curious Guy. I've order my usb record player as, like Fritz Die Spinne, I've been inspired. Hopefully you won't have uploaded everything by the time I get round to it......

Anonymous said...

Hi Great stuff like always!!!
Do you have Autopilot "love is a process" 7EP and Coyle P "I've sacrified 8 orgasmas...."???
Please up load thems
Grettings from GREECE

Curious Guy said...

John, if you should find that tape, could you post those Peel sessions tracks? would like to hear them. No need to hurry though...
Highlander, looking forward to your blog. There are still many out-of-print records around that deserve to be heard again. Please let me know when your blog is ready.
Anonymous, sorry, I even never heard of these. Seems that you Greek people know a lot of very obscure records.

dj667 said...

Hi curious guy,
great posts lately, if you´re interested in present day bands of
the similar sound try swedens 1999

if you don´t know them yet - try "Beauty is the winner" or "Butterflies"!


Anonymous said...

Great blog! Congratulations on the hard work! I also do have a request *shame* would you happen to have Aemotii Crii's tape or The Swarm's (pre-All About Eve) tape?

I'm also looking for: Seventh Seance - Ritual 1 and Ritual 2 tapes and early Adams Family tapes.

Keep on the good work!

Greetings from Portugal

Anonymous said...

fantastic blog ! and you inspired so many people, it is fantastic , i'm always surprised each time by the new post.
Thanks for sharing all that

Anonymous said...

Autopilot is the masterpiece of postpunk. They are from Manchester just one single 1978??1979??? I don't know I have heard that once in radio ~10 years ago
P coyle was member of Liverpool band (care??? I don't remmber the name)and according to critics on local obsure press that is a masterpice also(1988-1989)
Pls search with your frinds
i wiil be OBLIGE!!!!
Grettings from GREECE

Fritz die Spinne said...

Don't you ever sleep?

Was that one Peel session for Brigandage? I think a friend has it in MP3 already.

Curious Guy said...

Oh yes Fritz, I do sleep, no problem :)
No problem asking for requests anonymous but I can't help you. I would like to hear those Seventh Seance tapes too. Only have two 12"s of them. Maybe someone else has the tapes you mentioned?

Anonymous said...

eh i was thinking about the band salvation i remember the 1st single girlsoul_
Don't know what they did after.
Might be good to post some of their work

Take care


Fritz die Spinne said...

Pokemi, I have that 7" of Salvation's, produced by Adrew Eldritch. The rest of their singles are collected onto a CD. Makes a nice coaster. Most of the stuff after Girlsoul was produced by Wayne Hussey, and I find it boring, at least.

CG, I have the Brigandage Peel--it has some close edits at the track starts/stops, but if you want to hear it....

Anonymous said...

Yes, Fritz - post the Brigandage peel session. I only have a terrible quality copy and have been searching for a better one for years.

Thanks for posting this mini LP Mr Curious Guy - you know how much I appreciate it :)

Does anyone have any INTO A CIRCLE records ?

Curious Guy said...

Into A Circle will be posted here some time if no one beats me off course :)
I do have that Girlsoul 12" but if Fritz wants to post it, that's OK to me.

looking for autopilot said...

autopilot is on mutantsounds, only the link is down...apparently this is 1 of the best songs ever according to the mutant author (who let's face it has heard a fair few titles to base the decision on)I'm looking for this as well, if anyone has a link please post

Anonymous said...

it's been ten years now (more or less) since i found "love is a process" ep and i still thank God or Luck or anything else for this beautiful moment of my life!
It's true that some greek people have special knowledge about music and im one of them (very few though...)