Friday, January 26, 2007

Marc Riley With The Creepers - Gross Out LP

Here's the first album of ex-The Fall member Marc Riley with his Creepers.
All tracks recorded with the Creepers except 4 & 7 which have the same line-up of the 'Favourite Sister' 7" (see previous post).
'Snipe' was recorded at the In Tape mansion and is a very lo-fi recording. A better version can be heard on the 'Shadow Figure' 12".

Gross Out LP (In Tape-IT Seven-1984)
1. Make Joe
2. Less Speed
3. Snipe
4. Earwig O' Dowd
5. Railroad
6. Gross
7. Teacher Travel
8. Freaky Sleeper
9. Claptrap

Gross Out


a.d. said...

holy smokes. marc riley, the smashchords, three johns...

i'm too busy downloading to get anything done today.

i'm friends w.the bass player from 5 go down to the sea, he dj's at a bar in my neighborhood in nyc. pretty sure he doesn't have email but get in touch and i can relay a msg.


Acts Of Worship said...

Hi Curious Guy, thanks for yet another great post! I don't know if you still take 'requests' (I'm an optimist) but these would be (y)our cup of tea too:
VENUS IN FURS (esp. the 12" Memento Mori and the lp Platonic Love)
EXECUTIVE SLACKS: You Can't Hum When You're Dead

Curious Guy said...

Acts Of Worship,
expect the Executive Slacks LP soon. I could rip some Venus In Furs but Times is selling CDr copies of all Venus In Furs material on his site.(Just checked and his site as gone for the moment)

Acts Of Worship said...

Hi, Thanks for the info. I was aware of VIFTIMES and have send them several mails/orders, all remain unreplied thus far. I think their site has been down/unattended for quite some time and I have yet to meet the first person who was able to score one of these official cdr copies... I'll let you know as soon as I have a 'breakthrough' :-)

Curious Guy said...

Hello Worship,
found a new link to the Venus In Furs site:
I hope Times does reply 'cos I had the same idea of ordering some of the CDr's.

joisymikes said...

Oh Jeez!,

How long have I been looking for this? 20 years? More?


Furs Of Worship said...

Curious Guy, I.O.U. Thanks for the new VIFTIMES link, it works, I got superfast replies and I'm looking forward to the backcatalogue that will be shipped tomorrow :-) Check it out!

Anonymous said...

Any other please

Anonymous said...

Any HQ-spare time? Yourefforts are really appreciated; this blog is unique!

Curious Guy said...

HQ upgrade on Marc Riley's Gross Out album.

zuiop said...

Can you re-up please?

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!